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Baru Latino: Rockfish Ceviche with Crispy Patacones

Ever since our trip to Portland last year, we’ve been on the search for quality Cuban food in Vancouver. Unfortunately, there’s a distinct lack of Cuban restaurants in the area so we’ve been expanding our search to various Latin cuisines. 184 palabras más

Restaurant Review

Around the World in Eighty Recipes. Chapter I: Colombia

When it comes to organizing a dinner with Colombians don´t expect to do something easy and chill. You´ll find yourself surrounded by at least five people, all of them cooking, and all of them with their personal theories about how to cook properly: one person will approach to the pot and add salt, then someone else will add a slice of bread to take off the extra salt, then another one will arrive and take off the bread because it´s perfectly salty, then another one will put the bread back and so on for the rest of the evening. 1.324 palabras más


Sudado de "Pollo" (Colombian Stew)

Growing up I was fortunate enough to always have a home-cooked meal every night. My mom learned the basics from her grandmother and my sister and I have learned from her. 852 palabras más


El Mestizo

Hay lugares que con el pasar del tiempo o se renuevan o mueren.. En el caso del centro comercial Plaza Tempo, decidió revivir, por lo que hizo un cambio positivo. 306 palabras más


Recipe: Panamanian Patacones

One of the familiar side dishes in Panama is that of the double fried green plantain, called Patacones in Panama but in other countries this is called Tostones. 249 palabras más

First Beach Days! (Finally!!)

Four months! At times it feels like we just left Idaho, other times it’s like we’ve been here forever. We’re definitely a “routine” kind of family. 646 palabras más