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Dad's Night

In the interest of dispelling any outdated notions of men’s night out without the wives being about poker, cigars, cheap beer, pizza delivery and foul talk, I present an alternative: Dad’s Night in Topanga. 972 palabras más


Back to Spain

So there was I sitting on my suitcase again, trying to zip it closed, going through my mental list of clothes, teaching sources, and toiletries. Each time I pack my suitcase I have a mini anxiety attack about all the things that could have fit, that could be in there instead of what I have, what I might be forgetting. 588 palabras más

La Colombiana Restaurante

2495 Commons Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45431

You find a lot of Tex-Mex options in Dayton, Ohio — many using ingredients not common to either Hispanic or Latino cuisine. 503 palabras más

Dayton Area

Crispy Fried Green Platains & Sangria

I’d wake up in Ecuador to a breakfast of fried plantains, eggs and the neighbors cheese:

You peel them,

cut them thick,

then fry them till a light brown. 97 palabras más

The Costa Rican Roller Coaster of Ups and Downs

Editor’s note: blog posting do not get uploaded in real-time. Refer to the published date to understand when the following occurred. Said more simply, we ain’t in Costa Rica anymore! 1.263 palabras más

Costa Rica


A unique dish from Ecuador

1 plantain or unripe banana
Oil for frying

1. Heat oil in pan about 1cm deep.
2. Cut the banana into thirds. 38 palabras más

Cuisine Challenge

Dog Days In Capurganá

Our San Blas sailing trip left us in the small town of Capurganá, which could very well be Colombian for “middle of nowhere” or “paradise” or both. 813 palabras más

Travel Diary