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5 semana de patinaje

Today my teacher just put me in a higher level because she told me that my level was higher than the other people from my group. 139 palabras más


4 semana de patinaje

Today my teacher of ice skating told me that since my skills are getting better that maybe I could level up. So I am trying to do my best in every exercise. 71 palabras más


Cuaro día de patinaje.

The fourth day of ice skating was a little bit easier for me since I knew more people but my teacher was messing this weekend. My new teacher really helped me realize that ice skating wasn’t just doing something and then improve on it, but also have fun and do it your way. 33 palabras más


Tercer día de patinaje

Today was a great day because was the first day with my new level. I had lots of fun and meet a lot of new people. 88 palabras más


Segundo día de patinaje

My second day ice skating was much better since I already new people and I was used to it. Tthis are my goals and my day. 106 palabras más


Primera clase de patinaje

My first day ice skating. goals and my esperience.

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