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Christmas Album of The Day

For Canadians everywhere. The writer of the Tonight Show theme. The man who wrote “My Way” for Sinatra. (there he is again}. From 1960, a very young…Paul Anka and “It’s Christmas Everywhere”.


84 Zeal & Ardor: Devil is Fine

Now, usually I neither care for nor completely acknowledge the existence of your ignorant and- frequently- bigoted opinion, but for the purposes of rhetoric, I’m taking rare counsel with you decrepit losers: which decade was or is the best for music? 1.067 palabras más


Album review: Guns N’ Roses, The Spaghetti Incident (1993)


By Steve Newton

As Guns N’ Roses would likely proclaim themselves, The Spaghetti Incident KICKS F***IN’ ASS! 137 palabras más

Album Reviews

Top Ten: September 23, 1957

Here’s the Grooveyard Top Ten for September 23, 1957 as played tonight by Alan Seltzer on “The Grooveyard”:


“To the Aisle” by The Five Satins… 199 palabras más


Just Don't Look: Donald Trump's Inauguration and Pink Pussy Hats

In “Attack of the 50-foot Eyesores” in The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VI, Lisa and crooner Paul Anka find a creative way to defeat some giant advertisements that had come to life and were destroying Springfield – “Just don’t look.” As long as nobody pays attention, Lisa learned, the killer ads will keel over and die from lack of interest. 1.103 palabras más


2108 Eleanor Rigby - Paul Anka (1969)

Eleanor Rigby was written by Paul McCartney but is credited to Lennon-McCartney. It was first recorded by The Beatles in 1966. Paul Anka recorded his version in 1969. 12 palabras más


#RomanticTuesday Song

When I pondered about a song which fits my poem today I thought of the obvious first (you will know once you see the title of my poem). 178 palabras más