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LOADship. Are you on board?

LOAD-ship is a sinking ship.  

If you are not sure what lordship doctrine teaches please click here for a good description.

This is something that came of a discussion on Facebook probably about 8 years ago, then I posted it in one of my first articles here when I first subscribed to WordPress about six years ago.   3.900 palabras más


Dios Es Autosuficiente | #PaulWasher

Una de las doc­tri­nas más im­por­tan­tes y alen­ta­do­ras res­pec­to a los atri­bu­tos de Dios es Su au­to­su­fi­cien­cia. Él no tie­ne ne­ce­si­dad de nada; me­nos aún ne­ce­si­ta de una relación con el hom­bre. 513 palabras más


Si alguno me ama |#PaulWasher:

En el evan­ge­lio de Juan hay un tex­to que tiene gran re­le­van­cia so­bre lo que sig­ni­fi­ca para Cris­to mo­rar en el creyen­te: Je­sús respon­dió y le dijo: "Si algu­no me ama, guarda­rá Mi pa­la­bra; y Mi Pa­dre lo ama­rá, y ven­dre­mos a él, y ha­re­mos con él mo­ra­da” (14:23). 763 palabras más

Paul Washer


Listening to this sermon in the car on my way to work this morning . It had a profound impact!!


All Fall Short

I had the house to myself this evening so I sat down to watch a sermon by Paul Washer on the Greatest Words in the Bible, it broke me, humbled me, and gave me a deeper understanding of my Lord and the Cross.  485 palabras más


We Have Forgotten...

We watched this sermon today during a late lunch and wow, were my toes hurting afterwards!   Worth a listen.  Night brothers and sisters in the Lord, May God bless and keep you all.


UPDATE: Letter from Paul Washer

UPDATE: Paul Washer.

The letter below comes from brother Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society. This was recently published in the Jan-Mar 2017, #89, edition of the HeartCry Magazine… 606 palabras más