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Why the cross? - part four

When I was a kid in elementary school nobody talked about ADD or ADHD.  If there was another kid in your class that was disruptive all the time, people would call him hyper.  1.563 palabras más


10 Powerful Quotes from Paul Washer About the American Church

Paul Washer is known for a lot of things. Pulling punches when preaching is not one of them.

He has the rare ability to speak pure – sometimes harsh – Biblical truth while not asserting a prideful or self-righteous position as a person. 794 palabras más


You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same.

Two years ago today was the first game of the season and I stood cheering on the Jags with all my might, next to Christopher and Dallas. 751 palabras más

Chris Tomlin

The Essential Elements of the Great Commission

Main Session #13 from the 2015 G3 Conference: Paul Washer from HeartCry Missionary Society preaches on “The Essential Elements of the Great Commision.”


Paul Washer: Declaring Truth

Paul Washer addresses the psychological manipulation involved in the “altar call.”


The Fiya of Hell! or not?

Shocking title, right?  Depending on where you came from and what kind of religious experience you may have endured, this phrase “fire of hell” can really get you going, or not.   1.916 palabras más


Paul Washer: Loved

Turn up your speakers and tune in your heart for nine minutes and twenty-six seconds of profound Biblical truth courtesy of Pastor Paul Washer!