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Our Birthright

I tend to listen to the radio on my commute to and from work and this morning was no exception.   Normally I tune into Infowars  262 palabras más


Relationships - Dating (Part 1)

The blog is an extract from a message written a few years ago.

So I was minding my business, just living life back in May and somebody tweeted the link to a preach by Paul Washer called ‘Are You Ready For A Relationship?’ The title intrigued me so I thought I’d give it a whiskers. 1.807 palabras más


Is Atheism a Fruit of Calvinism? Jesse Morrell


Something I have noticed is that many of the arguments against Christianity that atheists have assume a Calvinistic view of God – that everything that happens is God’s fault. 162 palabras más

The Slavery of Seeking the Praise of Men

This is a great day to get into the Word of God, and relax and think about this sermon.

Go and get your bible, pad, and pen. 36 palabras más

Praise And Worship