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Bookshelved: The Alchemist

Title: The Alchemist
Author: Paulo Coelho
ISBN: 978-0-00-715566-8

“This is the magical story of Santiago, a shepherd boy who dreams of traveling the world to seek the most wonderful treasures known to man.   2.298 palabras más

Think [like] Caroline


I find most prayers to be an expression of un-acceptance. Prayers normally express our hope of what is not. But the main reason I do not pray is because prayers put myself as an individual, apart from the so-called divine, who is then communicating with the “divine”. 561 palabras más


Love Makes Everything Better

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

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3 Books You Should read! 

Hey babes! Happy Monday! New Monday, New Week, New Goals ! What are your goals this week ? My goals are on my desk, studying for my exams! 92 palabras más

Anne Frank

Reading for rebooting!

How books can help us cope.

I began writing this blog in order to help non-readers find their trajectory into the world of literature. To help them explore the beauty with which writers express emotions using just those very 26 alphabets that you and I use to talk and text all day long. 945 palabras más

Két nő lakik bennem

Két nő lakik bennem: az egyik meg akar ismerni minden kalandot, át akar élni minden örömöt és szenvedélyt, a másik viszont hétköznapi életet szeretne, biztonságot, nyugalmat, boldog családot. 23 palabras más


Taking the Decision

In Paulo Coelho’s book, Adultery; a book about a women who has this supposedly perfect life, but apathetic about it, and starts an affair she says: “Today I am a woman torn between the terror that everything might change and the equal terror that everything might carry on exactly the same for the rest of my days.” Regardless of the plot of the story, because I cannot really relate to her marriage, but this sentence hit a spot. 86 palabras más