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—Cesare Pavese, “Sleeping Friend.” New England Review (1990-), Vol. 21, No. 3 (2000). Translated from Italian by Geoffrey Brock. 

“We’ll hear each moment drip into darkness…

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Death will come and look at me with your
the death that follows us around
from morning to night, insomniac, deaf,
like some stale, now irreparable guilt…

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I made her from the depth of all the things
that are dearest to me, she’s something I don’t understand.

—Cesare Pavese, “Encounter,” Selected Poems (Penguin Books, 1971)

You are like a country
that no one has ever named.
You wait for nothing
if not the word
that would gush from the depths…

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I couldn't believe it

“Oh non potevo crederlo
di essere amato!
Di avere una donna,
un corpo vivo, un’anima,
un povero e divino essere umano
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When Cherries Taste Like Sky

How do cherries taste to you? Many would say sweet. Some will detect a pinch of sourness. Cesare Pavese, a famous Italian writer, would have said that cherries taste like sky (‘le ciliegie dal sapore di cielo’). 875 palabras más