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Reading: Words from Confinement by Cesare Pavese

Cesare Pavese (1908-1950) is another soul that belongs in our cosy anthology. Pavese grew up in Nietzsche’s Turin, graduated on a thesis about poet Walt Whitman and was placed under house arrest in Brancaleone Calabro, in the south of Italy after the Mussolini regime discovered he had received letters from a jailed anti-fascist. 433 palabras más


2. Stormy Waters

Port Eynon – September 2nd 2016

Stormy waters, I can’t try any harder

and all I ask is to know I’m near the bay” (The Hollies: 1979) 1.705 palabras más

Open Water Swimming

I couldn't believe it

“Oh non potevo crederlo
di essere amato!
Di avere una donna,
un corpo vivo, un’anima,
un povero e divino essere umano
che sognasse di me. 110 palabras más