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Assalamualaykum, wr. wb.

Awal Pebruari 2016, Partai Buruh Indonesia, Ketua Umum Mhmd Ibrahim, mencermati TUTUP Pabrik yang dilakukan Investor Jepang: Toshiba dan Panasonic Lighting Fixtures. 514 palabras más


Demonstrating Acceptance Criteria

I have found myself reading a lot of Agile books over the years.  I aim to take 2 or 3 pointers, minimum, away from each book to help challenge the way that our teams work with a view to making improvements.  459 palabras más


What I Thought Of My First Time Flying With Jet Blue

I flew Jet Blue for the first time when I flew down to Florida for college. My school is in West Palm Beach so I could have flown directly into PBI (Palm Beach International) but Jet Blue offers a direct flight from Cleveland to FLL (Fort Lauderdale) so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out a new airline! 636 palabras más


Aramid Sleeving

Braided Sleeving

NOR*FAB Series 400 braided sleeving is manufactured in one style and two wall thicknesses. It is made using para-aramid fibers spun over a strong fiberglass core yarn. 153 palabras más


Diversificación productiva

El objetivo es elevar la productividad con una alianza público-privada. Tras este primer año, hay logros concretos.

Escribe Piero Ghezzi Solís, ministro de la Producción. 19 palabras más

Superintendencia Del Mercado De Valores

Product Backlog

Product Backlog is a prioritized list of desired product functionality.

The Product Backlog provides a centralized and shared understanding of what to build and the order in which to build it. 346 palabras más

The Basics

Which West Palm hotel just got a $4.7 million makeover?

The DoubleTree by Hilton West Palm Beach Airport hotel has completed a $4.7 million renovation. The project included updates to all 175 guest rooms and work on a fitness center, business center, new Made Market restaurant and lobby. 36 palabras más