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Ayo kuliah di PBI UM Metro

Yang setelah ujian, bingung kalau sudah lulus mau kuliah dimana…
Jangan ragu untuk pilih PBI UM Metro sebagai jawabannya.

PBI UM METRO adalah satu-satunya program studi swasta yang terakreditasi B di Provinsi Lampung. 122 palabras más


4 Attractive Dividend Stocks for a Low Interest Rate World

For stock investors the past six years have been tremendous, but for income investors not so much. Yields on certificates of deposit from banks are still at generational lows, and many of the better stock yields have risen in price to the point that investors are concerned. 650 palabras más


Silver Airways …. no…No…NO!!!

We were booked out of Marsh Harbor to West Palm Beach on an 11:40 a.m. Silver Airways flight.  So we took the first ferry, leaving Hopetown at 8 a.m.  866 palabras más


Economía desequilibrada

Nuevamente, el mundo está dependiendo demasiado de los consumidores estadounidenses.


Economía desequilibrada_Gestión 17-02-2015

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Superintendencia Del Mercado De Valores

Toll Gate

Rima is a project manager in a company who is an ace Scrum Master

She has a disturbed open relationship with her founder Henry

Henry ‘Why are you so rigid. 147 palabras más

Celebrating PBI’s 20th Anniversary in Barrancabermeja

The celebration that we organised, as the PBI field team in Barrancabermeja, we felt it to be a necessity, because this was one of the places where we first had a presence, over twenty years ago, and where we still work today.

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