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Mike of Loss Mitigation Doubles Up: Wins PBR Wiffler of the Week for Second Consecutive Week

Mike of Loss Mitigation became the third player in league history to be named Pabst Blue Ribbon Wiffler of the Week for both of the first two weeks of the regular season. 141 palabras más

Pabst-Lite-Ico Madrid

Mixed Media. A Sleigh Bells CD case, a Miller Lite ad, an old PBR sticker and a picture of lips.

Atletico Madrid

Major Oil Boom Shocks Short Sellers

Crude oil is finally back above $70 a barrel after suffering for a while. Before this, oil had not been at this price level in over two years. 259 palabras más

Energy Business

Practice update

Today i worked on finishing up the animation, granite it is rather crazy wierd i feel like it worked out in the end. It looks clean, and i learned to do lip syncing. 6 palabras más


Mike of Loss Mitigation Named Week 1 Pabst Blue Ribbon Wiffler of the Week

After winning the 2017 batting title, finishing runner-up in regular season MVP voting, winning the Wiffle Series, and being named Wiffle Series MVP, Mike started the 2018 season on fire. 112 palabras más

Positioning practicing

Today i went threw and worked on positioning characters to better show their emotions. I found it interesting how much the shape of there body actually effects the character themselfs.


Character design sheet

today i went through and designed out the character for the short animation i am working on. He looks decent to me and its helping me learn to understand how characters even when 2d work like 3d shapes. 16 palabras más