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Time of Day

Time of Day is a script published by Mod Monkeys.

Drag the prefab and drop it into your scene. Then you just have to play with the multiple settings and test your day and night cycle… 302 palabras más

VR Ready

Fountain Set

Fountain Set is a 3D model with scripts published by Istvan Szalai.

Good looking animated fountains with physics based rendering. 149 palabras más

3D Models

Urban City Pack

Urban City Pack is a 3D model published by PolyPixel.

Very nice city with high quality textures.
No interiors, but good for close look, including VR. 308 palabras más

3D Models

HD Sci Fi Level Kit

HD Sci Fi Level Kit is a 3D model with scripts published by Hedgehog Team.

This asset is just amazing. The quality is excellent – including for VR experience. 243 palabras más

3D Models

Drinking the Kool-Aid: How do you solve a problem like Rasmussen?

On May 20, a concerned PBR fan (not me) wrote the following to a PBR representative:

I am reaching out to you because I believe that you are a fair, level headed person. 4.844 palabras más

Bull Riding

Defining The Art Style

After much experimentation, the visual style is starting to fall into place. With a workflow worked out and some texturing underway, the first location asset is almost complete – along with a process for making everything else look similar and, hopefully, pretty. 375 palabras más


Pony: a Classic Car + Cartoon Version

Pony: a Classic Car + Cartoon Version is a 3D model published by Slava Z..

Adorable high quality car: Low poly, good materials, PBR, all pivots and details – and a low price. 309 palabras más

3D Models