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Cody Coverchuk riding for father at PBR Canada Finals

Bull riders will compete Friday through Saturday at the Professional Bull Riding (PBR) Canada Finals in Saskatoon this weekend.

In the wild ride that only lasts eight seconds, it boils down to one thing; attitude. 410 palabras más


Charts and Lists

Today i have worked through the game to find different assets that will be better suited for my project. I have come up with different list that can be used by programmers, artest, and modeling members for my game.


Adding to the concept DOC

Today i have spent most of my time running through my documentations and organizing it on my concept doc. I have added pictures that are relevant to each area and important to better build a clear idea. 29 palabras más


Major Oil Scares Off Short Sellers

Crude oil had traded above $50 a barrel in the first quarter of this year, and finally it’s back to that magic number. If the price can hold near this level, analysts may start calling for the $60 price level, but oil has to stabilize here first after having flirted with this level for the past week. 273 palabras más

Energy Business


Code is a rather complicated part of a video game. Today i have broken down a game that i am using to better understand what i will need to do. 24 palabras más


Rendering Engine Update 4

Since the last post, I’ve decided on a name for this project – Flex Engine! I basically decided on it because it sounded neat, it’s short, and it’s easy to remember. 386 palabras más

Game Dev

Concept art

Today I was able to find someone who could help me do some concept art, Cella. She has agreed to help and has already started designing one of the characters. 17 palabras más