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This is the new stuff

Oh man, it’s that time of year….

Bike companies are rolling out that new stuff. Shedding the skin* of the previous year’s lineup and getting hyped for the new model year. 271 palabras más

22" BMX Complete Bike

Park distance control speed switch setting

This setting is to set the speed at which the PDC will automatically turn itself off. Yanko (Tech team lead)

Park distance control

Park distance control is a handy tool which allows the driver, in this case a B9 car driver, to use sensor technology to aid parking.

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I decided to take the train to work yesterday and therefore had a pleasant twenty minute walk along the bridleway which runs the length of the estate where I live. 253 palabras más


Return of the Bleeping + MOT

I’d previously mentioned the issues with the X3’s Park Distance Control (PDC) system. Having fully investigated and diagnosed the issue as a damaged cable in the left rear sensor’s loom, I had been building up the enthusiasm and required free time to take the rear bumper off to repair the damage. 309 palabras más

2012 BMW F25 X3 35d SE

Council candidate Gamblin misses PDC filing deadlines

Sammamish City Council candidate Ken Gamblin filed his required paperwork with the state Public Disclosure Commission this week, long after the deadline for candidates to do so. 415 palabras más


Whether it’s cooking or writing, just follow the recipe

By Douglas Deane

Have you ever pictured yourself winning “Top Chef” or perhaps the Nobel Prize in literature? Both seem equally unattainable, not to mention wildly different paths, but there’s actually a common thread for excelling at both: … 557 palabras más