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09.21.17: Lacava

The US sanctions placed against Venezuelan bonds by the White House on August 25 appear to be taking effect, as the state-owned PDVSA oil company lost a client today: … 950 palabras más

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09.20.17: Leaving

Torino Capital, an investment bank based out of New York City that often provides analysis of the Venezuelan economy, has released a report that estimates that the country… 1.124 palabras más

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Por cada sanción hay una reacción

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La tercera ley física de Newton dice que por cada acción hay una reacción igual y opuesta. Otra ley de acción y reacción del comportamiento humano proviene de la Guarachera de América: “Songo le dio a Borondongo. 1.348 palabras más


For every sanction, there’s a reaction

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Newton’s third law of physics states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Another action-reaction law regarding human behavior comes from… 1.253 palabras más

Sunday 27 August, 2017 Update: Latest US Sanctions Could Raise Pressure on Venezuela

As Venezuela remains perched on the brink of dissolution and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro continues stripping away the last remnants of democracy in the once vibrant land’s government, the United States has decided to begin hitting Maduro where it hurts. 382 palabras más

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Venezuela says US sanctions will lead to halt in oil exports

BBC News

The US has branded President Maduro a “dictator” — EPA photo

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has said that a preliminary analysis shows that new financial sanctions imposed by the United States will lead to a halt in oil exports to the US. 419 palabras más