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Venezuela and Trinidad sign energy agreements

CARACAS, Venezuela – The governments of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago signed energy development agreements Monday in Caracas. The Caribbean based bilateral agreements come days after Venezuela celebrated the Organization of Oil Producing Countries (OPEC) deal resulting in a production cut of 32.5 million barrels of oil a day. 112 palabras más


Maduro decreta una reestructuración total de Pdvsa

El presidente de la República Nicolás Maduro anunció la aprobación de las propuestas presentadas por trabajadores de la estatal petrolera Pdvsa, orientadas a la reestructuración del organismo. 258 palabras más


11.22.16: Ruffles

Yesterday, Reuters reported that PDVSA had missed making a full bond payment worth $539 million to investors, triggering fears that that state-owned oil company was finally beginning to run out of money.  1.055 palabras más

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11.17.16: Honest Men

Former PDVSA head and current ambassador to the United Nations Rafael Ramirez called opposition deputies at the National Assembly “garbage” in response to an ongoing corruption probe ofn which he is at the centre. 1.057 palabras más

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Aprueban responsabilidad política de Rafael Ramírez por corrupción en Pdvsa

El Parlamento Nacional aprobó declarar la responsabilidad política del expresidente de la estatal de crudo venezolana, por el supuesto desfalco de más de 11 mil millones de dólares de la empresa, investigación presentada en un informe de la Comisión Permanente de Contraloría. 1.085 palabras más


10.30.16: Up in Smoke

A highly anticipated meeting between the PSUV and the opposition faciliated by the Vatican and hailed as the start of an earnest dialogue between the two sides ended in anti-climax today as the  906 palabras más

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Out of cash and almost out of time, Venezuela's PDVSA seeks bond deal

PDVSA. Photo: Wikipedia.

Once a company with coveted jobs and “above average” salaries and now a troubled giant, Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA has succumbed to the economy around it and left employees “struggling to pay for everything from food and bus rides to school fees as triple-digit inflation eats away income” according to… 225 palabras más

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