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Periquita, José Maria Da Fonesca, Península de Setúbal, Azeitão, 2013

Portuguese wines can be delicious as well as deliciously surprising for their economical price point. I paid $10 for this wine at my local Whole Foods, and it is so drinkable and so tasty. 991 palabras más

Five key themes for fashion ecommerce success

So here’s the bad news. It’s no longer enough for your site to be ‘usable’ and ‘intuitive’. Today’s best in breed online retailers mastered the usability thing a while back and have long moved on. 830 palabras más


5 Fashion eCommerce Trends to Watch

Beam-it-down clothing that you can try on in your closet and beam back up if it doesn’t fit. A personal aesthetic “profile” that follows you everywhere you go, making it easy to find new fashion products you’ll love. 229 palabras más


Weekly Wine – Periquita

Fonseca Periquita
$7.95 (LCBO)
13.0% ABV

This is a very inoffensive wine.
It is quite light but has a nice flavour. It does not have that earthy flavour, that heavy aftertaste that is a prevalent feature of many inexpensive Portuguese wines. 145 palabras más


Mi romance con los Lizette Martínez

Cuando decimos volver a la niñez, automáticamente pienso en aquellos veranos interminables, tumbada en el piso o el sofá de mi casa, leyendo tirillas cómicas (comics decimos en Puerto Rico). 1.472 palabras más

Lizette Martinez

Los comics de mi infancia

En el mes de julio a las chicas del grupo Blogeras En Español (BEE), al que recientemente se unió Nuestro Rincón de Lectura, se les ocurrió el reto de que recordemos nuestra niñez. 1.400 palabras más

Sheila Sánchez