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This is Elaine. She is a young (23 years old)  woman about to graduate college. She lives in a flat with two of her other friends. 388 palabras más

Long Term Part 2

These Good People

I will tell you of these good people

A scroll of courtesy on their tongues

Neatly wrapped in rainbows

And angel’s wings

The finest hello… 320 palabras más


Alcoholismo: ¿Cuándo sí, cuándo no?

Por: Óscar Márquez

Si ocurre algo malo, bebes para olvidarlo, si ocurre algo bueno, bebes para celebrarlo y si no pasa nada, bebes para que pase algo. 690 palabras más

Three Quotes Challenge

I want to thank each and everyone of those who nominated me for the quotes challenge.

The latest nominations are from Priya , Priyadarshini and… 128 palabras más

Using Their Persona

This blog might be a little longer as I feel like I need to explain it a little more than others and it focuses on crowd interaction rather than a specific physical movement.   457 palabras más


Sad Sock Story

This story tells itself. A first grader gives his socks real personality. And attitude.


Persona 5 game's English dub cast announced

It might seem we’ll still be a long time yearning for our Valentine’s Day release of Persona 5, but Atlus USA have eased our impatience by revealing the game’s dub cast. 548 palabras más