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Proton Persona, Old vs New: What's better, and what's missing?

Yesterday, the new Proton Persona was launched. It replaces the 9 years old outgoing model introduced in 2007. 250,000 units were sold since and surely is Proton breadwinner alongside Proton Saga. 27 palabras más


Just Call Me Mr. Twit

Whilst I often don’t give it a second thought, Twitter has been a daily part of my life for eight years now, having joined the site in July of 2008. 783 palabras más


EFC II #52 - Persona (1966)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#52 – Persona (1966)
Dir. Ingmar Bergman
Starring: Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Margaretha Krook, Gunnar Björnstrand

The fifty-second installment of the Epic Film Challenge II, Ingmar Bergman’s mesmerising and enigmatic Persona. 51 palabras más

Epic Film Challenge

Berhenti Mencoba

Pernahkah kalian tertawa meski tanpa sebab?

Saya pernah. Tak akan terasa lega, karena hanya ada kekosongan yang muncul di hati.

Terkadang saya melakukannya, tertawa akan hal kecil yang sebenarnya tidak lucu. 65 palabras más



Always wanted to document and share moments but had never really gotten around to figuring out the best platform for it. Of course, Facebook, Instagram… 95 palabras más


Riina O leather bracelets

Glad to announce our new leather bracelets are finally here!

In the recent months we have undertaken some serious product development to perfect the design specifics of our new Leeanne bracelet and expand the colour selection. 125 palabras más

Fake three dimensional characters

Recently I finished watching the show “Mayoiga The Lost Village” (迷家-マヨイガ). A sort of mix between Persona 4 and Lost. I’d say it was ok if not that great. 369 palabras más