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Let's Play Persona 4 Golden (Part 61)

Chris tries to become the biggest baller in Yasogami High School as he finally gets the chance to play Persona 4 Golden! We’re going to be tackling the important social links and crushing every boss we find as we try to save people from the horrors of the TV world. 26 palabras más

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I, The Scythe

I didn’t choose him
He came to me one moon-kissed night
Took me in his arms
From my corner in the barn
His warm hands caressed my hilt… 190 palabras más

Looking Back Through Our Parents: Thoughts on Teaching Persona

Last semester, I had a lengthy meeting with an exasperated graduate student who was approaching her first semester of teaching and growing more concerned about who she  1.893 palabras más

a ponder on human emotions

Nothing can define the mere futility of human nature, paradoxically, it appears I am a living animal of this exact statement. The interwoven basket of complexity that makes up one’s mind cannot truly be explained without the intricate pattern of one’s thoughts being misinterpreted into a mismatched incoherent way. 272 palabras más

Roger Ebert Film School, Lesson 2: Persona (1966)

Roger Ebert Film School is a recurring feature in which Brandon attempts to watch & review all 200+ movies referenced in the print & film versions of Roger Ebert’s (auto)biography… 1.365 palabras más

Brandon Ledet

Persona 4: Golden Review

The battle system looks ancient on first-glance but it gets quite deep and strategic as the difficulty gets harder.

One of the best games of the PS2-era was a little-known JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) called Persona 4. 1.363 palabras más