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Birthday Shenanigans and Release Buzz

I know, I know. I probably should have mentioned all the birthday shenanigans over the last week but … Hey, I was busy doing fun things. 640 palabras más

The Persona Aftermath

It’s been almost two weeks after I finished Persona 5, settling down to do so a couple of days after the last post. There’s been a huge amount I wanted to say, and I was still fully intending on doing a proper review for it on GameSkinny or for here, but ultimately I just haven’t been up to writing much lately. 1.558 palabras más


40 hours in

I’ve finished the 4th dungeon of Persona 5, and I’m around level 34. Judging from what other people have posted online, I’m roughly halfway through the game. 680 palabras más


Blanketed in Stars

This was one of my motivations to become rich. I would travel the world to find this beautiful jewel. The night blanketed in stars and Aurora seems so beautiful, so . 77 palabras más


Strong Roots

A couple of trees with strong roots, but unfortunately never used for shelters.

It actually reminds me of people who are very smart, creative and brilliant who aren’t  33 palabras más


Persona 5 - I’ve Played 70 Hours, Here’s My Impressions So Far (No Spoilers)

  • Just for reference: I am currently about 70 hours through the main game, and am halfway through the sixth palace.

Man, I’ve been waiting for this game for quite some time. 650 palabras más