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What I Want In...Persona 5

I Freaking Love the “Persona” games. While they are only one part of the “Shin Megami Tensei” mega-seires (that includes the “Persona”, “Devil Survive” and other game sires with in it), this is a franchise I can;t get enough of. 458 palabras más


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Customer Profile #1

Jane Fitzgerald is a 22 year old new mum, who with her partner Eric and their new born girl Eloise live in Richmond, New South Wales. 1.455 palabras más

Quest for the Original Face.

There are countless good reasons to take up a daily meditation practice. In my experience, the more you look into it, the fewer excuses you can come up with as to why meditation might not be a profitable pursuit. 432 palabras más

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

When I heard Atlus was releasing this game, I had to buy it – after all, this is the same company that made Persona 3… 1.359 palabras más

Game Review

Wearing a Mask of Your Own Face: On Persona, Race, and Identity

Not too long ago I published a (craft/lyric) essay on persona, race, and identity. It was lucky enough to find a home on Brevity’s (a great online journal of creative nonfiction) blog. 131 palabras más


For my captain, my daddy...

I leave for work each morning, not knowing if I’ll return, promising my children, “I’ll see you later,” but never being certain.

It’s because of them I risk it all.  71 palabras más