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Persona: A Classic Film, Not Pretentious Arthouse Only Made For Pseudo-Intellectuals

I just watched Persona for the first time recently and it was my first time ever watching an Ingmar Bergman film, though I’ve always wanted to watch Hour of the Wolf after hearing John Waters talking about seeing it with Divine on LSD. 504 palabras más


Bucket lists and goal setting

Life has been very busy lately. However I am going to continue to try to keep up on my blog at least once a week. So this week’s topic on Ask A Courtesan is do you have a goal list for your persona? 677 palabras más

Ask A Courtesan

Event debrief: 14 July 2017

When I wasn’t working at the zipline, getting merchandise and materials ready for an earthskills festival, and taking a three-day Middle-earth trek in Wisconsin, every spare minute of the first half of July 2017 was spent finishing gear for a second survival presentation at the… 708 palabras más



I saw a carcass in the mirror yesterday

He screamed for hours

Behind a flesh like mask

Carved with the greatest detail

He had a knife in front of him… 211 palabras más


The Importance of Giving Things More Than One Shot

I have a friend, let’s just call him B. B likes to give things primarily one chance. After that, in his mind he will categorize said thing as “liked” or “disliked” and almost never revisit them. 296 palabras más


PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 3 - Anime QandA Review

What’s the show? PERSONA 5 the Animation, Episode 3.

And are the problems you highlighted in Episode 2 still evident? Unfortunately, yes. The video game stylings and transplanting of the visuals  605 palabras más


Creation of a Character that Personifies my main Project- Unnoticed Superman

Activity: For this activity, your goal will be to create a character from the ground up that personifies your main app project. You need more than a visual, though. 703 palabras más