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Peste 1.500.000 de vizite

Astazi blogul Persona a trecut pragul 1.500.000 de vizite. Nu e mult, comparat cu blogurile profesionistilor. Dar ce folos are comparatia, cind suntem cu totii unici, si avem fiecare audienta pe care o meritam. 31 palabras más


Survivors Corner: The Pro Hyena

He is the averagely tall animal with well placed dark spots and handsome to a good level with the kind of charms that make females around her feel some heat burning between their.. 449 palabras más

Why Persona 5 Is My Most Anticipated Game of 2015

I arrived (fashionably) late on the Persona scene in 2014. Persona 4: The Golden was the first Persona game I ever played. I was immediately swept up by the charming visuals, incredible characters, and poppy soundtrack. 383 palabras más


Jekyll And Hyde - Living With The Human Condition

Have you ever wished you could excise the worst sides of yourself from your personality as easily as you might have a wart removed?

Ever wished there was the neural equivalent of a plastic surgeon? 586 palabras más


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As promised in my last post, I will be reblogging posts from the lovely blogger friends that came to comment on the "What the Heck" post. First up: MOSY, the Master from Australia. Her post is food for thought for all of us. Please take a gander and feel free to comment.

Third Person Perspective 1: Yukari Takeba

Right, first entry of a sort of “Series”, let’s see how this goes…

In this series of articles (Which will be updated Wednesdays probably) I’ll be taking a look at characters from Video Games and Movies and stuff and deconstructing them as best I can, and try and see what makes them tick. 1.617 palabras más


'Subscribe... Get yo issue'

Fun fact: I am a hip-hop fan. I love hip-hop. Hip-hop’s great. You might even go so far as to say that I think that hip-hop is really rather ‘dope’. 1.177 palabras más

Broken shells

For much of my life, I operated with an exterior persona that functioned as a strong shell. At different times, this shell looked like a studious high school student, a schleppily-dressed college student, a hot girlfriend, a nerdy computer consultant, a driven business school student, a put-together management consultant, and so on. 526 palabras más