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The whys and the wherefores

A shred of understanding

hangs from a gossamer tight

rope and only those most

dextrous of will

may venture out

onto your wire despite the air… 87 palabras más


The Ford Five: Freakiest Female Friendships in Film

Who doesn’t love alliteration? There’s something to be said for the way female friendships are portrayed in film (especially by male directors). While many platonic female relationships have been about empowerment ( 699 palabras más


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Auto body parts shopping starting to become a challenge? If the search for replacement parts is already giving you headaches, it’s time you stop looking elsewhere — try PartsAvatar Online Car Parts! 74 palabras más

Second Single From Gin & French

Gin & French have been quick to follow up their first single of 2018 with the double A-Side single, Maurice Sent Me.

Maurice Sent Me  84 palabras más


Persona 5 Gameplay Part 1

Persona 5 Gameplay Walkthrough ENGLISH DUBBED – No Commentary – Part 1

So we started Persona 5 and I must say this game is awesome, We are going to post every episode of game play here. 45 palabras más


It all comes down to a boy.

It does.  It all comes down to a boy.  So many of our problems as women come down to that, don’t they?  Or maybe they are just the tumultuous reflections of the inner inertia. 539 palabras más


honest bio

X lives with her husband and two kids in a house that is bit bigger than their needs, which they share with their cat and the creatures he hasn’t yet managed to kill. 180 palabras más