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Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth

“If you run up a large tally of personas you don’t feel are worth fusing however, you can eventually chose to sacrifice them to enhance one you like. 83 palabras más

Digital: 3 Marketing Fundamentals That Still Matter

I was reminded recently how important it is to have an understanding of marketing fundamentals to deliver successful B2B digital marketing. I attended a couple of webinars that covered aspects of content marketing and lead generation. 467 palabras más


How to be yourself: Introduction


My name is Anna and I am a Master’s student in Electrical Engineering at the Community College, in my second semester. I am interested in the room you offer for renting and I would like to visit it next week, if possible. 971 palabras más


The Persona Paradigm

I’ve been editing old posts.  It’s been a much bigger process than I expected what with over 200 posts and six years worth of material.  I came across this post written in 2014, and it dovetailed so nicely with my latest post.   2.761 palabras más


How to Build an Inbound Lead Generation Campaign

Marketing needs to deliver Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to the members of the Sales Team to fill the funnel so that sales can be increased.  A good way to do this is to use Inbound Marketing and create MQL generation campaigns.  544 palabras más


Radical openness, part 1: Weds. 30 Dec. 2015 journal

At home, 9:10 a.m., really light flurries, 24°F — It’s funny how tempting it is to jump into meaningless arguments — the more meaningless, the more people seem to get riled up (myself included at times). 812 palabras más


Ep 30: Finding Dory & Ghostbusters

It’s a big week for summer family movies! We review Disney Pixar sequel Finding Dory, the Ghostbusters reboot, Star Trek Beyond and Spielberg’s adaptation of the BFG. 71 palabras más

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