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Changing Toward Obscurity

I used to like rain a lot, back when I was in high school. At home, I could shower myself under the rain and enjoy the cold and soothing sensation of rainfalls. 181 palabras más


Acceptance of Choice

This is a picture of the arguably one of the most famous college in Indonesia, if it still is. This college is surprisingly small, compared to college like… 226 palabras más



So when I first moved out to CO, I loved my job. My supervisor was amazing and supportive, and so were all the peers in the office. 324 palabras más


The getting-close effect. 

When are you, yourself? Are you yourself now? Have you ever been yourself if you’re being frank? Probably you can answer with an easy yes for all the questions. 532 palabras más

[TIP] Dynamic Idle Animation

In this quick tip I’ll show you how to make dynamic idle animation that feels more alive. I’ll be using Sword Animset Pro by Kubold… 289 palabras más

Unreal Engine 4

Persona Profiles


A user persona is the development of a fictional character who is a representative of the intended audience. The purpose follows to reflect the goals and behaviour of the hypothetical users to help designers visualise the user experience. 282 palabras más

Interactive Design

Throwback Thursday: Catherine Review

When I purchased my Xbox 360 years and years ago, I remember the lack of original and creative new games. Okay, maybe this hasn’t changed much. 719 palabras más

Video Game Reviews