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Persona 4 vs Persona 4 Golden: Part 2

I’ll start off with one significant change that Persona 4 Golden makes: It re-balanced the difficulty of many of the story-line bosses. Some of those changes I did agree with, as the first two main dungeons in the game do have a high difficulty curve due to your limited resources and the lack of weaknesses to exploit. 743 palabras más


Trascedental convection of the Face in the movie Persona by Bergman

Hermeneutics of the violent irruption of the Face icon in close-up

If the dialectics of the Becoming that traces transversally its epistemoligical Heideggerian process and that turns into cognition – purely ontological process – of the becoming as infinite and cyclic transmission of contents between two persons – two bodies, two faces – should assume a visual performance, then, it would be surely Bergman the “contributor” to this discourse. 6.433 palabras más


Can a Game Be Too Easy?: Persona 4 vs Persona 4 Golden

This may seem strange to some, but it is possible to streamline a game so much that it loses a lot of challenge. The correct level of difficulty is more of an opinion based thing, but I do feel like some games go overboard to be accessible, sacrificing the difficulty that makes playing so worth it in the first place. 491 palabras más

Game Design


Sound representation of a summer that stretched into autumn, refusing to leave. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetics Zeros keep offering a selection of dreamy and easy going songs, each of them painted with a ray of sunlight. 99 palabras más


I got a new Sword and Shield 

Fuck it. I will fight. I will fight till I’m on my knees, bleeding out with a sword stabbed into my back. I will arise from the war and be stronger than I was before. 60 palabras más

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - First Impressions

Tokyo Mirage Sessions, a mashup between the Shin Megami Tensei series and the Fire Emblem series. While I have never played a Fire Emblem game, I was quite interested to see how it would turn out. 567 palabras más

First Impressions