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Building the Inner Persona: Vocabulary

One of the later steps (#7 of 8) in Townsend’s Getting Started series is the process of further developing one’s persona through building of the ‘inner persona’. 350 palabras más


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Part 10

March 24, 2011: Natsuki dropped a bombshell on the class and Fuuka by announcing her transfer to another school. At lunch, they talked it over. Natsuki had to because her father was unwell. 1.694 palabras más

Video Games

Refection - Being Strong

I have become a Strong Independent Person. Its something that others admire. I also admire in others… and in myself.
This knowledge assures me, and it feeds this part of me. 177 palabras más

Middle Ground

Shut Up and Write!

After our summer placement season, Persona kicked off its second leg of events with Shut Up and Write, a prose writing competition. Contestants let their imaginations roam free and run riot, with no restrictions or limitations whatsoever. 17 palabras más


What Do You Value?

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I realized while writing the Persona post that I’ve neglected my Main Self since coming back to America in 2015. 1.290 palabras más

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