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Who Are You Really Marketing To?

"…25-30 year old single women with annual incomes over $75,000, who live in San Diego, who like to shop…So if we are pretending we’re a clothing store, these might be some of the questions we should ask: 10 palabras más

Walking Blind

Falling forward to
meet my destiny uncharted
that me will see new


15.Il bene comune: rivalutare le persone

Se concorrere al Bene comune è somma del raggiungimento del bene di ogni persona, bisogna dichiarare l’importanza della persona ed invocarne il recupero e la centralità. 543 palabras más


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona4

Persona 4;
One of the greatest JRPGs in its own genre

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is a turn based JRPG produced by ATLUS and released back in 2008 for the PS2 console as well as the successor to the previous title, … 1.088 palabras más



Jauh sebelum internet meledak, imajinasi saya tentang dunia utara telah dibangun oleh Akung Cepu, ayah angkat ibu saya.

Sejak saya kecil hingga mahasiswa, setiap kali bertemu, Akung selalu menceritakan kisah yang sama saat dia dikirim negara untuk belajar di Uni Soviet. 260 palabras más


How To Describe A Story!

How To Describe A Story!

It’s really harsh

To cut out the fun from the ghost tale,

Peeling off dead emotions,

As you describe the long narrations; 57 palabras más


NIS America Won't Publish Atlus Games In Europe

Prominent publisher NIS America has announced that they won’t be publishing Atlus Games in Europe going forward. NIS America MD Takuro Yamashita says that since Atlus was purchased by SEGA they have become very difficult to work with. 117 palabras más