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The day started very early and with a lot of strife. I am grateful to know that although the obstacles were plentiful, that I have a solid team. 39 palabras más


The day zipped by quickly.

I had three one-on-one virtual conversations with several leaders in adjacent fields, and then with the leader of our department. There were varying levels of connection and warmth. 280 palabras más


My Thoughts

Every June the California heat in the desert brings fog to the coast. However this year, California’s gloom centers around George Floyd, protest, looting and racism. 93 palabras más


Dear You,

Why did you lie?

Why did you disturb my peace when you knew you were not ready for me?

Why did I keep making excuses for your shitty ass behavior? 148 palabras más


Rain Drops

I’m watching the rain drops
Racing each other
Down the side of the car window
Dancing as they try to
Cross the finish line

Dragging my fingers… 62 palabras más


The Famous Tea Party

Pontius Pilate, quite famliar to me,

And Lady Macbeth

Arrived for tea.

They talked of Tempe and Arcady

And the River Lethe.

Pontius Pilate, quite familiar to me. 100 palabras más


25 Before 25: Entry #3


I won’t do what I tell you to do

I won’t eat on time and have a balance meal

Nor sleep complete and take a sweat… 52 palabras más

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