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The adventures of Nugget part 4: visiting the big city

Hi everyone

Last weekend I went to Iquitos. It’s a bumpy 2 hour journey from Nauta along the only long road here. I’ve been before but it is such a big place for a small bear I normally hide in a rucksack. 317 palabras más

Week 10: Puno, Inca Trail & Cusco


An early morning boat ride whisked me out to the floating islands of the Uros on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca. This is a group of people who were sick of fighting with other people on the mainland, so they made their permanent home in the middle of the lake on artificial islands they made out of plants. 947 palabras más


Ep. 90 - Shenanigans List

Hey bookworms, this week Dave and Trevor go head to head with their old nemesis. They canoe to Peru, form a clic in clown school, and Trevor learns the greatest joke ever written. 76 palabras más


Lost in the Andes

When it comes to ancient ruins of the Andes, most people immediately think of the famous Machu Picchu. Until 1911 when archeologist Hiram Bingham ‘officially’ discovered the ruins, they lay hidden in dense forest and morning mists, high on a hill above the thundering Urubamba River. 653 palabras más


Marana Peru Piura 70% 91/100

This bar is made with white cocoa beans from the Alto Piura valley in north west Peru. Once harvested Marana source their beans direct from the farms before Zulema and Giuseppe turn them into one of their Peruvian chocolate bars in the country of origin. 653 palabras más


Te invitamos al Ciclo de Cine de Israel !! 🎥🎬 🍿
En el marco del Día de Amistad Perú – Israel 🇵🇪 🇮🇱️️presentaremos galardonadas películas israelíes…

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Huacachina- An Oasis in the Desert

How to get there: 

We used the Cruz del Sur bus company to go from Lima to Ica and bought our tickets at the bus terminal for $20. 1.430 palabras más