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Peru to Ecuador: A 30-Hour Bus Journey

Country Peru to Ecuador | Dates July 10-11 | Accommodation Cruz Del Sur Bus

We grabbed a flight out of Iquitos back to Lima, which was also delayed meaning we had to take a pricey cab to our hostel as we arrived after midnight. 624 palabras más


Memories from Nemesis: Tale of a Peruvian Maoist

Frank Beyer

“Mao Zedong Thought” was a major global ideology at a time when China didn’t have much to offer the world economically. Chairman Mao influenced a wide range of groups, such as the… 1.346 palabras más

Imperial & Global History

Machu Picchu in Peru - UNESCO World Heritage

The long forgotten and hidden Inca city of Machu Picchu, World Heritage by UNESCO, is an absolute must for every Peru tourist. Officially, the city was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911, but most likely the indigenous people had known this place for a very long time before its “discovery.” The Incas built this mysterious settlement in the 15th century at an altitude of 2430 meters. 427 palabras más


Banana Passionfruit day – Caraz to Huaraz (72k/17,633k, +3937ft)

 (July 17 – written by Dave)

We departed Caraz this morning in a peleton one person smaller than we arrived a few days ago.  Andi, the bikepacker from Germany is taking a slightly different route from there and not leaving until tomorrow.  819 palabras más

Americas Trip

Climbing in Hatunmachay

PERU | Today we went rockclimbing after one month of mountaineering only. Not gonna lie, it was pretty hard to restart, to use those arm muscles and trust in your legs again. 46 palabras más


Preparing for a Trip to Cusco, Peru

Preparing for a Trip to Cusco, Peru

Research Ahead of Time:

Take some time to research where you want to go, what you want to do, and places you want to see in and around Cusco. 1.599 palabras más


Updates and Thank You!

I just wanted to update everyone and say that after traveling on three different planes, and being up for 24 hours I have arrived at home safely! 61 palabras más