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Review: Air Canada Executive First B767, Lima - Toronto

Its never fun or exciting when scheduled flights plans go wrong. Our returning flight back to North America sustained a lengthy delay that left us in Lima for an extra day. 1.840 palabras más

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DNA Results Show The Elongated Paracas Skulls Are Not Native American

“The Paracas were an incredibly complex ethnic mix of people… There are a number of different haplogroups that were found in the DNA tests of the… 466 palabras más

Review: LAN Chile A319, Santiago - Lima

Our return leg on LAN Chile from Santiago to Lima was without incident. Along with the Andes mountain ranges, the views departing Santiago International Airport were spectacular. 495 palabras más

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Machu Picchu

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Ancient Cat Etching Newly Discovered!

But it’s not ours for the exploring…even if you have good intentions.

This is just an excuse to post a picture of my grandcat, Dyno, who lives in Seattle. 170 palabras más

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