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Of Selves and Mirrors

If you want to know whether something or someone possesses a capacity for self-recognition or self-perception, a common test to use is the mirror test. Put people in front of a mirror, and see if they can recognize themselves in their reflections. 1.305 palabras más


Messengers of the Rope

Now come a few brief passages from a lucid December 2016 conversation with philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, as transcribed from a radio program affiliated with the Los Angeles Review of Books, … 148 palabras más


Sustainable Cartographies: Organic, Gentle, and Hybrid Maps in Urban and Rural Design

Sustainable Development, Ecological Design, Smart Cities, BioArchitecture, BioMimicry, Green Urbanism. Noble terminology, yet empty concepts. They are, if not accompanied by credible roadmaps to upgrade and sustain biodiversity (non-human and human) in thousands of cities and villages of the world. 532 palabras más

Dr Ernesto Valero Thomas

Float Tanks and Epoché

I’ve been writing recently about epoché as an exercise (or askēsis) of perception. I take epoché in this context to mean something like bracketing or suspending one’s immersion in perception so that one can evaluate the construction of experience from a different angle. 483 palabras más


Critique of Cynical Reason

Peter Sloterdijk’s Critique of Cynical Reason is a nearly 600 page survey of the history of cynical (and kynical) thought, from ancient Greece through contemporary times. 2.389 palabras más

Who or What is the Self?

In my first comprehensive exam, I gave an overview of Hadot’s claim that ancient philosophy was conceived as a way life, as an existential path characterized by spiritual exercises rather than a set of merely theoretical or academic positions. 1.686 palabras más