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Jamaica, model of 'expansionary austerity'

There is that island in the sun. But, first, a journey through turquoise waters of another tourist destination.

There we find a set of islands that comprise Greece. 736 palabras más


Deuda a referéndum: la odiosa comparación de Venezuela y Grecia

Por Antulio Rosales

Nicolás Maduro anunció en su discurso del 5 de julio que se siente inspirado a seguir el modelo de Grecia. Quizás desconociendo la situación griega o la venezolana, o ambas, el Presidente y otros comentaristas pretenden comparar el ambiente económico de los dos países. 552 palabras más

Antigua and Barbuda: PetroCaribe supports social development and renewable energy projects

Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Tourism, Economic Development & Energy, the Honourable Asot Michael, recently spoke at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela marking the 10th year of the relationship between PetroCaribe (PDV CAB) with the twin island country. 720 palabras más


Barter & Petrobarter

‘Barter’, as US anthropologist David Graeber (2011) and others have noted, is not an economic technique that pre-exists capitalism. The commonly assumed teleological subsumption of barter into money, neatly subordinates alternate political economies to the economic metaphysics of the North Atlantic. 279 palabras más

Shocking video of Jagdeo's support for Venezuela's claim to Essequibo

When the history of Guyana is complete it will state that former president Bharrat Jagdeo and the hierarchy of the People’s Progressive Party destroyed the national institutions and pride of the Guyanese people for personal reward. 109 palabras más

Expansion of Petrojam among new energy plans

New energy measures,including plans for a major expansion of the Petrojam oil refinery to 50,000 barrels per day,were announced yesterday by the minister of commerce, science and technology, Phillip Paulwell. 399 palabras más

Joe Issa Jamaica

Panama in Petrocaribe?

During the recently held Organization of American States (OAS) 7th Summit of the Americas in Panama, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro voiced the opinion that the host country should become a member-state of the Petrocaribe Economic Zone. 262 palabras más