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Panama in Petrocaribe?

During the recently held Organization of American States (OAS) 7th Summit of the Americas in Panama, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro voiced the opinion that the host country should become a member-state of the Petrocaribe Economic Zone. 262 palabras más

El Pulso de la Semana. Edición No. 332, 11 de abril 2015

Cumbre y nuevas realidades

Es muy difícil prever todas las incidencias de la Cumbre de Las Américas que oficialmente se inició anoche en Panamá. Algunas de esas incidencias -como una foto de Castro y Obama, o conflictos callejeros entre venezolanos y cubanos tan polarizados políticamente en sus países- tendrán repercusión mediática, por secundarias que sean en relación a las grandes tendencias que hacen de esta Cumbre expresión de realidades y cambios más profundos. 748 palabras más

El Pulso De La Semana

US offers actually helpful energy aid for Caribbean

The US is offering to pick up where Venezuela’s PetroCaribe has left off, by offering financial aid for Caribbean nations that want clean energy. Solar and wind resources in the Caribbean are huge, and unlike cheap oil, they are likely to last for the next few million years. 503 palabras más

04.09.15: Speak Up

Exactly one month ago, U.S. President Barack Obama signed an executive order calling Venezuela a national security threat, and placing sanctions on seven high-ranking Venezuelan officials suspected of committing human rights violations. 627 palabras más

Daily Update

Obama Visits Jamaica, Urges Caribbean Nations to Break from PetroCaribe

By Z.C. Dutka | Venezuelanalysis | April 8th, 2015

Boa Vista – US President Barack Obama arrived today in Jamaica as part of an ongoing effort to persuade the island and its neighbors to reduce dependency on Venezuela’s bilateral PetroCaribe program.

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United States

Venezuela Cuts Oil Subsidies To Caribbean Nations - NPR

“Venezuela is in desperate straits. The oil sector has been deteriorating, and now with the slumping oil prices, they needed cash desperately,” says Michael Shifter, the president of the Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington, D.C.-based group that studies the region. 85 palabras más


03.28.15: The Great Wall

An Ecuadorian woman named Carmen Janeth Briones was formally charged today with faking a kidnapping, disseminating false information and associating with the purposes of committing a crime after claiming last week that her son had been kidnapped in Caracas. 398 palabras más

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