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Is It Really Considered Stealing??✋😭🍬😋

Today I had a very long and stressful day at work because we had a 50% off day sale today and on top of that I had to do a 10 hr shift 😣. 489 palabras más


That time when I learnt about the recent creative journey of Barcelona...

I love MYA Gallery. If you haven’t been already, please go and check out this amazing space.

Under the new creative leadership of the incredible… 564 palabras más

The Penfold's Soul

PEZ Visitor Center, Orange CT (Review)

Alright, let’s, for a minute, remove the “jugular candy” portion of this tale (I know, buzzkill) and focus on the bigger story–the marketing genius behind the world’s lamest candy product. 1.117 palabras más

Just Being Me

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Snacks/Drinks To Consume While Blogging

It’s Friday which means it’s time for another installment in the 5 Fandom Friday blog series! This weeks topic is food/drinks we consume while blogging. Now, I am awful at snacking and blogging. 164 palabras más

Travis The Grimm

Road Island (and PEZ)

I was headed for Twisted Throttle, where I was going to be talking about my trip and packing. It wasn’t that far anymore, when I woke up in the morning, but I was confident I would find something along the way to distract me. 697 palabras más


Delicatesen China: Pescado Vivo

Un restaurante en China está tomando lo de servir “comida fresca” literal.
Hasta el punto de que le quitan las escalas, cortan y fríen a un pez mientras está vivo. 11 palabras más


Trip Report: Burlingame Pez Museum

The first day of my holiday included banned toys and a glimpse at the origins of museums. I think we can say that’s going pretty well so far. 749 palabras más