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Meet Pez!

Pez, which means “fish” in Spanish, started painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona. At first he used to write his signature, and soon it evolved into a fish. 93 palabras más

Street Art

El Pez

Mural by Pez (“fish” in Spanish) in Cali, Colombia.

More photos of Pez’s murals tomorrow!

Have a nice start into the week! 14 palabras más

Street Art

Emojis Pez Dispensers

A few days ago I happened to be browsing at a local Wegmans when I saw this.

That’s right, there’s now such a thing as Emojis Pez dispensers. 28 palabras más


The Pez dispenser theory of male behaviour

Men often make women feel like prey. Many women have pointed this out. We can see what they’re talking about: Return of Kings, assorted fuckboys, catcalling, “nice guys” who think they deserve a fucking medal for being courteous. 1.281 palabras más

Increible Un Pescado Volvio A La Vida (video)

No lo vas a creer pero esto es increíble.

En este video vemos como un pescado congelado vuelve a la vida después de que lo meten en una tanque con aguas. 19 palabras más


Lonja de Málaga by bvanhofwegen

Fish for sale at the Mercado Atarazanas, Málaga, Andalucía.
Pescado en el Mercado de Atarazanas, Málaga.

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