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Bad Kitty

Happy Monday all! And how was your weekend?

I spent part of mine with a demon.

You see, a friend asked me if I would do him a solid and mind his cat for him this weekend. 895 palabras más


Title: JumpUP! / Artist : PE'Z

Title: JumpUP!
Artist : PE’Z
8th album “JumpUP!”

From wiki
“PE’Z began their music careers playing live on the streets of Shibuya in the center of Tokyo during the summer of 2000. 251 palabras más

Yesterday was mostly about #ArtDrop pieces hung on East London walls....

Yesterday was mostly about #ArtDrop pieces. Eleven pieces either freshly painted or in three of the cases, freshly layered. Eleven painted on pieces of wood found unwanted on the street, wood saved from landfill, recycled, painted on and hung on walls and fences on East London streets around Hoxton, Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Hackney’ Pieces of art left there almost hiding, left for people to take should they wish to. 1.331 palabras más


Crafts For Pez-Heads

Ever think of collecting those cute little candy dispensers known as Pez? My husband owns more Pez dispensers than I can begin to count. He earns the title of Pez-Head well. 541 palabras más


Insólito: Buzo fotografía a pez dentro de una medusa

Mientras buceaba en Byron Bay, Tim Samuel, un fotógrafo australiano captó la imagen de un pez que nadaba adentro de una medusa. El pez parecía estar atrapado, pero controlaba la situación. 61 palabras más


Potty Training with President Carter

Charlie showed early promise as a potty-training prodigy. At maybe 18 months, he used the potty twice in one weekend, of his own volition, with precise aim and everything. 374 palabras más


Sweeten the Deal

Children are my main subjects when it comes to portrait photography.

In my experience, very few children are totally keen and relaxed and eager in front of the camera. 449 palabras más