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Oldies but Goodies

Medford, Oregon

Got another chance to participate in one of my favorite pastimes again, antique shopping. And, holy crap, they have a lot of different options in Medford! 158 palabras más

PEZ Dispensers

I never owned one of these awesome PEZ dispensers. I had a hard enough time earning comic book money as a kid. I bet these particular dispensers are worth some serious scratch now.


The Magic of Pez

In 1927 in the mythical land of Austria, where they seem to know how to make candy… a condensed form of peppermint was created in a lozenge form and then placed into a plastic toy dispenser.   373 palabras más



Tienes en las manos el papel arrugado que vas a leer, las letras escritas a mano te recuerdan a la libreta roja que te regalaron en tu vigésimo quinto cumpleaños, esa noche pasaste horas pensando en la primera cosa que ibas a poner en ella, hasta que te quedaste dormido. 449 palabras más


I Love Pez!

I love to collect things, from the typical to the quirky and unusual. Besides the usual knick knacks and paintings from my travels, I enjoy growing my animal figurine collection especially the owls, pigs and elephants. 196 palabras más


Do You Remember these Candies?

Nostalgia in my life is not relegated only to my passion for old houses but what I eat too. Last month our community held its annual Highlandia festival with plenty of music, and tents selling all kinds of interesting crafts, jewelry and more. 270 palabras más

Johanne Yakula