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Dropping into July, leaves, growth, Redchurch Street, rabbits, stars.....

July is here and we’re really into the meat of this year-long #365ArtDrops piece of work now, the 150th piece of the drop was left hanging on a wall in evening sunshine of Redchurch Street, East London yesterday, a bigger piece (80cm x 40cm) painted on a frame found in a skip a couple of years ago.  402 palabras más


June 30, 2015 at 08:57AM

¡Me vieron! by Egon Wolf

Rayador – Rynchops niger
Ancud, Chile
El Rayador es sorprendido por un grupo de peces que se percatan de su cercanía y reaccionan de la forma que se muestra, son varios y de un tamaño seguro algo mayor para el.


El pez volador

En las profundidades del mar, oculto en la oscuridad, tras unas rocas llenas de vida, se hallaba nuestro pez soñando con otra realidad. 171 palabras más


Alien Pez dispenser by Peter “Rat D” Davidson

Alien Pez dispenser by Peter “Rat D” Davidson… in space, no one can hear you craft. Very little is known about the artist that created this rather wonderful Xeno-Pez. 129 palabras más

Geek Crafts

Bogota Street Art

I went on a free graffiti tour through Bogota and once again, was blown away by what street art can be. The first graffiti in Bogota was written on the walls of caves by the indigenous… 352 palabras más


3 june 2015

Nice day. Went to knit with friends. Lunch at el Jalisco with a friend. It was a goodbye lunch. I will miss her until she returns. 10 palabras más