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Because you know it’s all about the Pez, ’bout the Pez, no candy.

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April 9, 2016

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And Jesus Said...

Get them eggs bitches! The most eggs get to heaven!!!!


Top 5 Reasons These Pez Parents Stink

Have you heard by now that an Easter egg hunt sponsored by Pez was an epic fail, thanks to some thankless parents in Connecticut?

Puts my… 410 palabras más


Rogue Parents Ruin Free Pez Easter Egg Hunt, Scoop Up 10,000 Eggs Before It Started

Sure, you expect things to be competitive at an Easter egg hunt. When candy-maker Pez was planning their third annual free Easter egg hunt for people who live near their headquarters in Connecticut, they expected the event to grow, and planned to give out more candy. 325 palabras más

Bad Consumers

Easter Egg Hunt Goes Horribly Wrong When Parents Start Throwing Kids Out Of The Way

(CNN)-PEZ Candy abruptly canceled its third annual Easter egg hunt Saturday after parents stormed the field in Connecticut, according to a company news release. Children as young as 4 were pushed aside by parents eager to grab as many of the 9,000 eggs hidden in three fields. 324 palabras más

Out Of State News

Pushy Parents Create Mess At Easter Egg Hunts

ORANGE, Conn. (AP) — What’s supposed to be a cherished Easter tradition turned into a mess after pushy parents caused a scene at egg hunts over the weekend. 260 palabras más


New rules for the 2017 Pez Easter Egg Hunt.

Hello, everyone, this is Dan Lindelkola, now acting president of the Pez Company.  It’s been a little over 24 hours since we had the unfortunateness at our facility in Orange, Connecticut.  609 palabras más