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22 may 2015

Busy week. Had rain and clouds. I bought a fish. He is pretty. Feel like I am coming down with a cold today. Not good!

Bogotá's graffitis, a recently accepted form of art

Our first steps into the wide world of the “grafiteros”.

When you walk for the first time in Bogotá, one of the things that strike you most is the number of graffitis covering the walls around you. 499 palabras más

Non Classé

Pez dispensers

Line: Pez
Year: 2000
5 – Homer; Marge; Bart; Lisa; Maggie

Aah, Pez. With its own enormous following of devoted collectors, it was inevitable that these two pop culture juggernauts would intersect one day. 49 palabras más


Day 9. The Desk


I’d like to say this is where I am sitting right now, but it’s not. Some times I prefer to sit on the couch in the lounge room, where it is warmer. 33 palabras más


Pez – Disney Destruction

French street artist Pez In his series entitled “Distroy,” completely pulls apart America’s most cherished cartoon characters, taking away all of their colour and telling us a more sinister version of the story.

Art & Design

Blogger Betrayal Has Struck The Attic!

I believed them all when they called me hilarious. I was their gullible slave when they exclaimed that I had the most uproarious (an dare I mention, funny) blog they’d ever read. 881 palabras más