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Puppies with PEZ

Today, I finished Real Simple and Vegetarian Times.

They were DELICIOUS.

Hu-mom made a little joke when she saw the magazines on the rug.  She asked, “What’s for dinner?” 106 palabras más


Unibon Gıda 2015 yeni sezon kataloğu yayınlandı. Tüm yeni ürünlerin bulunduğu katalogta özellikle Chicken n Chat (şekerli Tavuk) ve Bubble Blaster (Dubble Bubble Sakız + Su Tabancası) bu yaz çocukları hem çok gülderecek hemde çok eğlendirecek ! 19 palabras más

Micro-Relato N. 60 - El pez volador

Autor – Asof Man Well 

Título – El pez volador

En las profundidades del mar, oculto en la oscuridad, tras unas rocas llenas de vida, se hallaba nuestro pez soñando con otra realidad. 164 palabras más


On with the #365ArtDrops piece, the latest nine parts have just gone out, here's the photos....

On with the #365ArtDrops piece, part 66 through to part 74 went out this week, most of them last night around East London…. Pieces painted on found bits of cardboard, one of the boards that were part of the Mind The Gap piece over in Tooting last weekend, a generic shop-bought framed piece I found on the street sometime last year, a paper bag that came with a bit of recent shopping, a couple of pieces of hardboard picked up from the street. 163 palabras más


New Funko Pop!: Guardians of the Galaxy, Age of Ultron, Cinderella

The craze-igniting Funko Pop! vinyl toys were brought to life by a guy who made his house’s first down payment with his collection of PEZ dispensers, … 145 palabras más

Hoarding Disorder

I am writing this post today to celebrate two things.  My doctor’s visit today not only came back with positive post-op results, but it was free.   577 palabras más