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Batman Pez

Many days, the best photos you can take is what you have around you. There are days where I would like to go out and do nothing but take photos and videos with my… 134 palabras más


April Showers Brought Some Sh*t

Last month I posted about an election for two open seats on my college’s board of trustees, and…we lost. We managed to win one of the seats (Liddell — yahoo!) but we lost the other, and it was a real gut-punch. 564 palabras más

Lake Life

Unwrapped Wednesday: PEZ

This week after much excitement I get to try Pez.

Pez was one of those candies that taunted my child self by being fascinating and brightly colored. 62 palabras más


Graffiti and street art legends of Shoreditch and London's East End Mob

London’s East End is well known as the hub of the graffiti and street art scene of the city. Areas like Shoreditch and Brick Lane have long  hosted iconic works from mysterious artists who honed their skills in the dead of night and who rushed out to find locations in order to make their mark before moving on to find the next spot. 1.028 palabras más

Sweet Toof

Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia

Pfeffermintz, Liebling?

No, I am not implying that I can smell your breath from here. The German word for peppermint, “Pfeffermintz,” is the word from which the popular candy named Pez gets its name. 238 palabras más

Worth Exploring

Impressions 74

You know, I always rant to my friends how independent productions need to get more support and attention, and how we should watch them more. And then, I have a Darth Vader PEZ dispenser. 7 palabras más

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