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Swimming lessons for a lifeguard

IN late May,  I made three bad decisions and one correct one. That one good decision probably saved my life.

As it’s national drowning prevention week… 536 palabras más

The Basic Science Day program dedicated to Translational Medicine: Re-Thinking the Science of the Pelvic Floor at the AUGS/IUGA 2019 Joint Scientific Meeting has been finalized and it looks AMAZING!

Congratulations to all members of the Alperin lab on a 100% acceptance of the 5 abstracts submitted to the AUGS/IUGA 2019 Joint Scientific Meeting, which received over 800 submissions! 14 palabras más


Letter to the Editor: Dunleavy Wants to Sink Alaska for Your Free Money

Back when I was an office assistant at the part of the state I work for now, I got a call from a guy very upset that we were garnishing his PFD because of what he owed.  1.310 palabras más


White Man Who Violently Assaulted A Black Child Is Now On ‘Administrative Leave’ From Firefighter Job

Thomas D’Andrea is a firefight for the city of Pittsburgh.

Due to the work of social media, it appears Thomas D’Andrea, 46, will be held accountable for brutalizing a 13-year-old at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania playground. 454 palabras más


Letter to the Editor: The PFD and Alaskans Refusing to Face the Truth

(I submitted this to the Anchorage Daily News, but they wouldn’t publish it.  No surprise why.  This is something that entertains disrespectful notions and actually challenges people to do what’s right in the face of having to do what is difficult in the fact of an ugly situation.  844 palabras más



ONYX Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket (PFD)

PFD Necessity

When sailing passages and the need to traverse the deck arises, you need to throw on your life jacket, to adjust the lines, grab the anchor or to do anything while underway. 478 palabras más


Hand-Painting Bamboo Rayon Fabric-- The Kalle Shirt

Stop. Wait a minute. Did you say something about painting fabric? AGAIN? Yes, I did. I can’t get enough and I want to tell you as many tips as I can while I am learning myself! 747 palabras más