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Games to Get Excited About - September 2016

Fall may be around the corner but the weather is still hot. The holiday release calendar is also heating up, so lets take a look at some of the upcoming releases that we’re keeping an eye on. 630 palabras más


Totally Obsessed #1 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice

We’ve grown close, right?  We share things?  Thoughts? Feelings?  I know about that time that you stole money from your mother’s purse and you know about the time that I accosted that homeless man.   1.126 palabras más


days past

I’ve been playing the Ace Attorney series and I had to draw these two so I could cope with the feels I wasn’t expecting. Why Diego, why.


On... Professor Layton

A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved.

Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box

Before we look at the depth and the variety of the gameplay, the epic-ness of the soundtrack or the brilliance of the story; we must take note, that Layton is one of the most amazing characters ever conceptualised. 527 palabras más


The best and worst of video game anime adaptations

You would think that a series like Phoenix Wright would be quite adept at making the transition into animation. It’s not unprecedented; Popular Visuals novels like Fate/Stay Night and Steins; Gate have found great success in their adaptations. 850 palabras más


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice: First Impressions

This was going to be a review but because of insane amounts of work, I’ve only managed to complete case 2 so far.

I’ve been waiting for the sixth instalment in the Ace Attorney series from the moment I completed Dual Destinies back in 2013 so yes, I was sad enough to sit down in front of my  3DS, constantly refreshing the Nintendo eShop for 3 hours last Thursday. 168 palabras más

First Impressions

TGS 2016: Capcom announces Great Ace Attorney 2 | Capcom anuncia Great Ace Attorney 2

[EN]: As the Capcom franchise sees success in its path, Capcom announces Great Ace Attorney 2, the second title for the prequel to the Ace Attorney series. 327 palabras más