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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Justice for All

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Justice for All
DS, 3DS, GBA, Wii, and PC
Developed by Capcom
Released in 2002 in Japan, other regions in 2007… 1.269 palabras más

What is 'Phoenix Wright / My Little Pony FIM: Turnabout Storm'

Okay to start things off I should say I’ve never played the Phoenix Wright games and I’ve only caught My Little Pony with my niece. So I think the real question we should all be asking is why did I spend close to nine hours of my life watching………….. 998 palabras más

Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Special Edition): Phoenix Wright – Spirit Of Justice

As the weather gets cooler and our days grow shorter, it’s starting to become the perfect time to snuggle in with a video game or two. 1.070 palabras más

Video Games

Phoenix and Ryūichi: A Case for Transcreation

What do Phoenix Wright and Naruhodō Ryūichi have in common? They are both lawyers with an incredible ability to b.s. the truth, are super sarcastic, and they both wear a blue suit and have spiky hair.  908 palabras más

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Its Monday! And you know what! Things are looking great. This weekend resolved a ton of stuff on my mind. I know that on Friday, I was just talking about it. 1.607 palabras más



(Might as well inject some actual content into this blog, to get things started. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Director’s Cut, the show where we take fanfics from way back in the day and stuff them full of commentary. 2.267 palabras más


Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition Part 5): Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies

Some of you might feel a bit confused by the number on the title if you haven’t been following my ongoing video game challenge series for the blog. 1.031 palabras más

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