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Original story here. Also available on AO3

Author: sphekso

Translator: Ellen Kriemhild

Beta: Rin Midori


(Bản dịch đã có sự đồng ý của tác giả, vui lòng đừng mang đi nơi khác khi chưa nhận được sự cho phép của tác giả cũng như dịch giả.) 8.335 palabras más

Fan Fiction

Phoenix Wright: Ace Finale!

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Believe it or not, and despite all things Mass Effect: Andromeda, I have been slooooowly winding my way through the final chapter of… 1.083 palabras más


Character Spotlight: Miles Edgeworth

Happy Tuesday!

With all this talk about the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild and everything, I thought now would be a good time to talk about a character from the Ace Attorney series. 169 palabras más

Video Games

Dai Gyakuten Saiban Chapter 3 The Adventure of the Runaway Room: Thoughts and spoiler discussion

In this episode Ryuunosuke and Susato have arrived in London. However, they quickly find themselves defending local loan hark and  philanthropist Cosney Megundal for the murder of the brick layer Mortar Milverton. 484 palabras más

Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1 Chapter 2 The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band: Thoughts, reflection and spoiler discussion

In the 2nd Episode of the game, we find Asogi and a secretly stowed away Ryuunosuke, on a boat headed towards The capital of The Great British Empire, London. 657 palabras más


Unfinished- I really just wanted to draw Edgeworth with shorter hair. 

He knows he’s not listening because when was the last time Edgeworth thought something sounded great coming from phoenix (oooooh)