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A look at Dai Gyakuten Saiban

This review contains major spoilers for Dai Gyakuten Saiban as well as other games in the Ace Attorney series

In my review of Spirit of Justice, I said that I considered… 3.289 palabras más

Ace Attorney 03 – Pink Clothes Appreciation

It’s time for another installment of Ace Attorney. What kind of ‘turnabouts’ will we see this week?

Maya looks super distressed at the start of her trial. 1.398 palabras más


Video Game Challenge Progress Report (Redux Edition): Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies

October has been barreling towards a speedy end, at least for me personally, and it feels a bit crazy that time went by as quickly as it did. 437 palabras más

Video Games

Review: Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice

Are any of you into Sherlock at all?

Would you consider yourself to be a sleuth? Solving cases and the like with a bubble pipe- or is that just me? 1.157 palabras más


Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

There was a new Ace Attorney game released last month, and I finally got my hands on it about a week ago. The first thing to note about this latest title, Spirits of Justice, is the stunningly visual introduction, playing through as if you’re watching an actual anime. 854 palabras más


Ace Attorney 02 - Miso ramen and burgers

I’m back for the second episode of Ace Attorney. I’m really enjoying seeing the story develop so far despite some of the other problems in the production of this series which seem to continue into this episode. 1.091 palabras más


3 Up, 3 Down: Ace Attorney

Yup, it’s that time again, folks. Time for me to give you the what’s up on the first 3 episodes of an anime I’ve just watch and let you know whether it’s worth your time. 940 palabras más

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