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Video Game Challenge For May: Game Number Seventeen Revealed

The month of May often calls to mind three things for me: the height of spring with the promise of summer around the corner, shows wrapping up their season with season finales, and the start of the summer blockbusters at the movies. 602 palabras más

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(Aster) Ace Attorney Episodes 2-4: Case 2: Turnabout Sisters Review

Ahhh yes, the case that truly introduces some of the biggest cast members of the original Ace Attorney Trilogy – Turnabout Sisters. In this case we finally get to see Demon Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth in action – as well as Maya Fey. 526 palabras más

Review 12: “The First Turnabout” from “Ace Attorney”

Do I really need to describe what the “Ace Attorney” license means? Fine: “Turnabout Storm,” or “Ace Attorney” in the US, is a series of video games that have a rather small but deeply devoted fan base in the United States and especially Japan. 635 palabras más


Ace Attorney episode 2 Review

So Mia Fey dies in this episode. I was honestly shocked by this fact because it seemed like Mia was going to have a big role in this series. 393 palabras más


Will the Phoenix Wright Anime Welcome Newcomers or is it just fan Pandering?

One thing I must admit I worry about when I write reviews here on my blog is whether as a fan I can be subjective enough to give a good review of something, and not entirely let my emotional connection to a piece influence me completely when critiquing something. 398 palabras más


Spring Anime's Part 2! "Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney"

Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney!

Sadly I must admit I am still not finished the game I bought for my DS but this first episode did make me want to go back and finish it. 144 palabras más