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Phoenix Wright vs Bass

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Phoenix Wright is a pretty great character and his games have always looked like fun. His inclusion in Marvel vs Capcom 3 over Mega Man was certainly an intriguing decision. 39 palabras más


Game Review: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright

Did I say it would be all my writing? Technically this is my writing… But I have always wanted to do game reviews, too. Plus I just feel like some games aren’t given the credit and love they deserve. 720 palabras más


Phoenix Wright vs Daredevil

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Daredevil and Phoenix Wright are both great in the courtroom, but who is really the better ally to have by your side? Daredevil may lose the occasional case, but he can catch the crooks outside of the justice system. 64 palabras más


Día 34: Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

This fucking game.

El día que se anunció este juego exploté. Mi cerebro no podía procesarlo.

Siendo bien fan de ambos el Profe y Nick, el anuncio de este juego me hizo decir “necesito una 3DS AHORA MALDITA SEA” 184 palabras más


Día 33: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Que horror, se me pasó. Esta entrada corresponde al 2 de Mayo.

“Hoy” salió en el primer juego de mi segunda franquicia favorita de toda la vida, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. 259 palabras más


Why We Don't Have Excellent Movies Based on Video Games

Even since Marvel made Iron Man films, it appears the general public can’t get enough of superheroes. Although there have been movies based on comic book characters for a long time, it took a really, really long time for a really great superhero film to get the ball rolling. 1.009 palabras más

Fiefo's Editorial

Two Minute Game Crit - Competing Ideologies

This video is community funded. To support my work and help me make more of these, please consider visiting my Patreon and becoming a patron. 472 palabras más