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Author: iwachans (she writes a lot of good Haikyuu! fics, go ahead and read them :33)

Translator: Ellen Kriemhild

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Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I love the Ace Attorney series.

It’s weird. You see, I tend to HATE anime style artwork and all the tropes that goes along with it. 472 palabras más

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Writing What Demands to be Written

I’m a casual gamer, I’d be a hardcore gamer but there are too many things that take up my time these days (I.E. school, work, reading, writing, living life, ect). 659 palabras más


Max Galactica cosplay (and construction guide)

Max cosplay complete! Excuse my slightly dodgy tattoo coverage – I’m using a different product to usual and am not used to how it works! 47 palabras más


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


You are Phoenix Wright, a brand-new defense attorney determined to get your clients found “not guilty.” To do so, you must investigate the various crimes committed to gather evidence, then use that evidence to uncover the truth in court. 567 palabras más

Game Review

Week 2 - Jan. 10 - 16

Jan. 12 – 4:15 PM EST

Welcome, ladies and gentle-viewers!

Happy New Year, everyone! And, to start of this New Year, I decided to be a Patreon supporter to not one, but TWO: … 1.411 palabras más

Office Hours

3 Chills You'll Find Nowhere Else

With the advent of such titles as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Gone Home, a debate has been sparked regarding what ought and ought not be categorised as a ‘video game’ in the first place. 2.916 palabras más