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Creative Ad

Febreze Ad


I wanted my ads to appeal to the audience they are recommended for. When they are interested in the design and message, it will help with the product outcome. 243 palabras más

I said we were going to have some fun with this… part 13…

Okay, I swear, this is the last post of my four-headed giraffe thing… with the zebra stripe background… HA!


Digital Printing

Digital Printing is a great way to combine all your initial sketches and media experimentation together to create something outstanding. Throughout this process I scanned in my sketches and photographed every media background in my sketchbook. 174 palabras más

7 Days of B+W - Day 6

Day 6
Seven days of black and white photos of my life, no people, no explanation. Enjoy!


Recent Art!

Happy Saturday! If you follow me on twitter and instagram you may have seen a few of these already. But if not, here are some of the drawings I’ve created recently. 329 palabras más