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Scissors and Sauvignon Logo

Brand requirements:

  • A high-end hair salon focusing on modern hairstyles and hair coloring
  • New company located in Los Angeles
  • Target audience: Celebrities, Young professionals ages 21-40, People interested in fashion-forward designs…
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Colour Comps and Lasso Tools

This week I have been busy with the first bit of homework for the Magic Box course over at The Oatley Academy. Its a self guided course in all things digital painting. 160 palabras más

Portrait Projects | Experiments in Photoshop #2

Following on from my last ‘experiments in Photoshop’ post! These are three portrait concepts I worked on over the last few months – the first image here is the latest I’ve done, and probably the one I’m most happy with. 10 palabras más

Two of Swords

another card in my tarot set.

Drew this awhile back, but finished today/tonight, because I needed something new to post! Do you have a favorite tarot card that you want me to tackle? Drop me a line!


Dandelion Short Image Stack

After a rain, I was looking for macro subjects in the yard. I found this Dandelion with a couple of little water drops on it. It was not a full “ball” on top so you could see inside to the center more easily. 35 palabras más