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Chameleons' Secret Glow Comes from Their Bones

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According to Live Science

No bones about it — chameleons’ fluorescent crest patterns are powered by glow from the lizards’ skulls.

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Zeno's Paradoxes

I know Zeno’s Paradoxes usually fall under a more mathematical terrain, but I read Aristotle’s Treatment of the Paradoxes and I just couldn’t resist. Besides, these paradoxes have left physicists on stretchers for centuries as well (just kidding, they’re all just fine) and I genuinely think anyone interested it the universe and life and obviously math would really enjoy this. 1.158 palabras más


PhD Studentship: Three-dimensional Water Waves over Topography (exchange with University of Adelaide, Australia). (BLYTHM_U18CTA) | Physics Jobs from

University of East Anglia – Mathematics<br />Salary: £14,553

from Physical and Environmental Sciences Jobs –


Launched in January 1998 by the University of Warwick, we have grown to become the top recruitment site in our sector, attracting the most qualified and talented people from the UK, Europe and across the world. 46 palabras más


How I use Google when searching for lecture notes

One of the common ways to study a given math or physics subject is by reading a set of lecture notes written by a professor. In this post, I show two search operators I use on Google to quickly find lecture notes available online. 370 palabras más

The Internet

Fresh approach to tuberculosis vaccine offers better protection

Your daily selection of the latest science news!

According to Medical Xpress

Credit: National Cancer Institute

A unique platform that resulted in a promising HIV vaccine has also led to a new, highly effective vaccine against tuberculosis that is moving toward testing in humans.

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Aberdeen: the radioactive city

The town of Aberdeen, in the North-East region of Scotland, is also known as the “Granite City” or the “Grey City”. This is due to the fact that from mid-18th to mid-20th century, most buildings were made with granite. 220 palabras más