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Pico de Gallo Spaghetti

I’m reblogging this post by someone else as it sounds DELISH! My niece recently posted a picture of her toddler eating salsa with a spoon when out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. 123 palabras más


Pico De Gallo

Original recipe makes 4 servings, mine probably could serve double or triple that…But I love salsa, so I eat more than the average person. I’m probably 2-3 servings alone ha! 180 palabras más


Pico de Gallo

So with the Super Bowl here and everything, pico de gallo was the perfect snack! It was so easy! You’ll need:


Nacho Hippo Cantina Maximo - Myrtle Beach, South end

Nacho Hippo is mostly a tourist stop with a bit of a Tex-Mex flair. It’s a casual joint owned by a local restaurant conglomerate with a few local awards for their food. 1.086 palabras más


I’ve been on a huge quesadilla kick for lunches lately. It’s easy, convenient and cost effective. Store bought tortillas can last way longer than bread in the pantry, although I would like to try making my own soon. 250 palabras más


The Simple Dish

I don’t always use recipes to create my healthy meals. Sometimes it’s so much easier to put together the foods I enjoy into a dish. Sometimes I have eaten out and really liked that meal. 264 palabras más

(Cobia) Fish Tacos

Well, after experimenting with different ways to use Open Blue’s Cobia (aka Black Kingfish), I decided to create a new fish taco recipe. After spending 10 days in Mexico with my family, I really felt like I had tasted ample local flavor, in order to attempt to create something that my family would be proud of… and the verdict was… “This is, by far, the best fish tacos I have EVER had”, a direct quote from my foodie (a try food snob) 16 year old son! 526 palabras más