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Turkey Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Omelette

This is a great way to start the day with an assortment of of flavors for your tasting options. I made the omelette with 3 jumbo eggs, sharp cheddar cheese and crispy turkey bacon. 71 palabras más

Black Olives

Duck Tacos

I had some of  that duck confit leftover and decided to do tacos with it.  I did an image search for “duck tacos” to get an idea of what sort of fillings would work and saw a lot of pickled red onions: 119 palabras más


Only Easy: Misty's 10-Minute Guacamole Salad

by Misty I.

Do you like pico de gallo? Guacamole? Salsa? I love them all, but what I don’t love is chopping everything or dragging out my clunky Cuisinart and having to wash all of the parts and the blade. 231 palabras más


Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week - SOUTHWEST BUFFALO BURGER

This week’s Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week is a SOUTHWEST BUFFALO BURGER. I just love these Buffalo Burgers from Wild Idea Buffalo! Several years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 and switched from using Beef to using Buffalo. 438 palabras más


La Puerta Pico de Gallo Recipe

This funny recipe is not only simple but equally delicious and rich in flavor. Thank you Kathryn B. at Rancho La Puerta for sharing this! 183 palabras más


Tacos for Sunday Lunch

Used the rest of those first cherry tomatoes in a pico de gallo.  The taco base is refried beans and chicken, I finished mine out with the pico, chopped lettuce, queso fresco, and… 15 palabras más


Salsa Fresca

I don’t have a recipe for a traditional liquid salsa because I prefer the fresh taste of this simple blend of chopped vegetables. (Though I suppose all one would have to do is pulse in a food processor a couple times to turn this into a chunky sauce…? 193 palabras más

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