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Take That Chip and Dip It

It’s National Chip & Dip Day!!! Yes!!! So, of course, just the facts, first, as brought to us by

The potato chip has been around since 1853. 166 palabras más

Turkey Taco Spaghetti Squash Boats

Happy Sunday! I love using Sundays to cook fun meals because I have so much extra time :) This post is inspired by a recipe sent to me by my friend, Christy, which can be found… 456 palabras más

Beak of the Rooster??? (Pico de Gallo, Yum!)

*This post is by both Aleesha and Sharlene*

One of the hardest things about healthy eating for both us has been finding healthy condiment options. Even things that seem “healthy” are often loaded with sugars and preservatives neither of us need. 456 palabras más


Pico de Gallo Recipe

Hello dolls!

Today Im gonna share a recipe great for snack or appetizers. Hope enjoy!


1 tomatoe

1\2 onion

Salt and p peper

Lemon… 171 palabras más


Pico de Gallo

Side dish today, March 1, 2017
So delicious for all kind of tacos, this I made especially tor Spicy Turkey Tacos , very easy to make and it’s so worth it!
Read or download recipe


Food: Fish Tacos

Making fish tacos is the closest I feel to being at the beach in Mexico. 

Because some of my best food memories is eating fish tacos on the beach in Mexico.

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Simple Pico de Gallo

Hello and Welcome to my first blog post! Let’s start off this blog with a super simple recipe: Pico de Gallo. Yes, there are SO many recipes out there for Pico de Gallo, but let me share what I do whenever I crave fresh pico. 451 palabras más