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Pico De Gallo

Normally Pico De Gallo is made with tomatoes, onion and jalapeño but I hate jalapeño so I decided to make a better version (according to me). 70 palabras más


Fresh Seven-Layer Dip

Meet the seven-layer dip of my dreams, which is actually… five layers. Let me explain. I’ve encountered quite a few Tex-Mex seven-layer dips at parties and potlucks. 556 palabras más


My Favorite Pico de Gallo

Hey Ya’ll!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaccckk!

I apologize on the delay between posts. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. I sold my house in Austin, moved all my belongings (with a lot of help from my sweet brother and dad- shout out to both of you!) and moved to Minnesota to be near my family. 214 palabras más


Fried Green Tomato Tacos, Roasted Corn and Basil Pico de Gallo

Fried Green Tomatoes is a great movie and a tasty southern treat. Lucky for me, I received several green tomatoes in my work share this past week and I couldn’t wait to fry those babies up. 553 palabras más

My Recipes

Peach Pico de Gallo Quinoa Salad

Location: San Diego, CA

Peach Pico de Gallo Quinoa Salad.  Try to say that 5 times.  LOL.  Did you just try it?  I did.  Silly silly silly. 654 palabras más


Make it Yourself - Not-Quite Chili's Chicken Fajitas

No matter where you happen to live today the odds are pretty good that there is a Chili’s restaurant somewhere near you. They seem to get more popular all the time and there are always plenty of commercials on TV telling you about what you can get there. 897 palabras más


Tacos de Carnitas ~ Pulled Pork Tacos

There’s nothing I love more than a summer gathering with good weather, good company, and good food. Karla, of Mexican Food Memories, is compiling a… 858 palabras más