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Guac and Pico with Zesty Lime Chips

Chipotle is my liiiiiiiiiife.  But, I have to say, my guac is better than theirs (and I don’t charge extra for it).  What better vehicle to shovel yummy guac in your face than homemade chips?  359 palabras más


Soft tacos

With Yves veggie ground round, homemade pico de gallo, guacamole, and Follow your Heart cheddar shreds.

A Pico De Gallo Twist on Tuna

The first time I had tuna, my mom added it with Mayonnaise and served it to us with plain potato chips. She claimed it was the “American style” of eating tuna. 243 palabras más


Excellent chicken quesadilla at A1A Ale Works - 13 November 2017

So, here we are traveling, and the presence of family all around meant we mostly ate at restaurants with them – resulting in D&me eating more restaurant meals in one week than in the previous year, unless I miss my guess. 307 palabras más


Recipes: Pico de gallo

Hey all! Happy Sunday, and I hope the weekend has been relaxing. Mine has been really positive, albeit a bit of a whirlwind. I have a new recipe for you guys, and this week is super duper simple: pico de gallo. 491 palabras más

Pico Sauce For Tacos

Note: 1) the powder was made using my pico de gallo recipe, I used 1 slice of dehydrated lemon, I dehydrated the vegetables for 24 hours at 160°F/71°C, this may be too long, the same percentage of water may be removed in less time, 2) this powder is similar to the seasonings on Doritos chips, 3) consider using less water when using fresh salsa (to avoid using vinegar) or fresh ingredients, 4) consider using more pico powder (taste on meat), 2) consider adding more powder to the pico sauce… 71 palabras más


Elementary Recipes For Making An Exciting Burrito - Summary

Note: 1) consider brushing the tortilla with vegetable oil and warming the tortilla on a pan or griddle, 2) consider making everything 24 hours in advance to permit the flavors to combine (chemical reactions complete to create new flavor molecules once the food has cooled), 3) I like using sour cream… 335 palabras más