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#14 Eyeliner is doable

This felt like an achievement. Imperfections are adorable. Details.

This adorable ladybug and semicolon tattoo was done by Honest Josh. He is going away from April 30th-May 9th. We are here tonight until 10pm! 39 palabras más

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For this i’m just going to use my personal opinion, I feel like this piercing would not be the best idea because it could easily get ripped out and it could also get infected because we do a lot of things with your hands and there are a lot of germs on almost everything we touch.But if you are willing to risk those things and you really love this piercing then do lots and lots of research before you get any needle put into your hand.Where it’s from

Not The Best Idea

How Things Change

A little over a year ago, I posted about my piercings. And I said this:

Which reminds me of all the tattooed people I know who are dying for me to get inked up.

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Josh Teague is here Saturday through Wednesday! He did this eagle last week @tombstone_teague

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No Pull Piercing - Day 6

Holy crap i didn’t realise i was up to day 6!!

So i had a blip a couple of days ago. The damned jewellery fell out in the night. 185 palabras más

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