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18K Gold Long Stem Rose Pin

18K Gold Long Stem Rose Pin

Gold-Plated Copper, Nickel


August 2015

Available Here

All designs handmade by Mallory Weston

All photographs by Jordan Baumgarten

Mallory Weston

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Zombie Suicide Breast Cancer Belly piercing

On the dates October 10 and 11th, make sure to stop over at the Breast cancer event that is being brought to you by Showgirls!! The event will help bring awareness to those who have gone through breast cancer or to help donate money to the cause!!! 75 palabras más


Your body is your canvas. 

Day 23,

My views on tattoos & piercings…..get them!!!

I love both, I don’t think a body should be covered but a good few are nice & look lush on a guy! 342 palabras más


Sarah pierced Rene’s ear with this arctic blue flower and a mint green prong set gem from neometal. She also anodized them yellow gold! Sarah is here Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-10pm. 50 palabras más

Black Cat Collective

Honest Josh did this Rob Zombie outline on @notjillbetts. He has availability this weekend! Call or stop by to schedule. @robzombieofficial From Black Cat Collective Tattoo and Piercing Perkasie

Black Cat Collective