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Dena picked out this beautiful combination from @anatometalinc for her new conch and tragus piercings by Sarah. Come see what else we have for you! <3… 44 palabras más

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Closet Black Sheep: Open Letter to My Dad

I have always titled myself “closet black sheep” of my family. I was the conformist. At least that it what my family always thought. “Quiet, angel, easy-going.” These were the terms that my family used to describe me. 513 palabras más

Bob Kerr just finished tattooing this mandala on Lauren’s thigh. He is available today! @bobthekerr (215)257-3234 From Black Cat Collective Tattoo and Piercing Perkasie


Daith Piercing

Yesterday I spent the day with my absolute sass pot of a friend Layla. For those of you who don’t know, Layla is my crazy red headed partner in crime. 135 palabras más


BPEF: A day in the life

BPEF is going to be code name for Blog Post Everyday February. I have been researching various prompts and have challenged myself to blog about something every single day in February (wish me luck). 251 palabras más

Ice T & Coco Pierced Their 2-Month-Old Baby's Ears And People Say What They Did Is Wrong! [PICS]

Coco Austin posted a pic of her and Ice T’s 2-month-old baby, Chanel Nicole, with her ears pierced and people are saying that piercing a baby is wrong! 142 palabras más


Casey Ploof did this on the top of @mvttox shoulder. Casey is here Thursday-Monday and is open for appointments! @caseyploof01 From Black Cat Collective Tattoo and Piercing Perkasie

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