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The changing currency of 'cultural capital'

The English schools inspectors are apparently looking for schools to teach ‘cultural capital’. But what does cultural capital mean, and how is it changing? 2.129 palabras más

Media Studies

Timmy's Theory of the Week #1: Pierre Bourdieu

Self-promotion is something that I struggle with a lot, which is probably not a good thing considering that I’ve devoted myself to the arts in various forms over my life. 1.067 palabras más


SG München Richterin Ratay unterschlägt Verweis auf das Urteil des BGH – VI ZR 93/10 vom 25. Okt. 2011


Bayerisches Landessozialgericht
Ludwigstr. 15
80539 München

28. Aug. 2020

Betreff: S 20 SF 292/19 DS


Ich lege hiermit Berufung ein gegen den überaus peinlichen Gerichtsbescheid vom 19. 970 palabras más

SG München - Jobcenter

“Bourdieusian concepts draw out dress as a situated practice and backpacking as a lived experience which demands bodywork”

When the introduction reads

Our awareness of large-scale movements of people over social and geographic space has increased due to the speed of communication and the mobility of images and ideas, with mobile figurations and their practices filling our Smartphone and television screens, literature, imagination and discussions.

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Yazmak ve Söylemek: Korona günlerinden devam

Akademik makale, genelde okuru çok sınırlı uzmanlaşmış dergilerde yayınladığımız, kongrelerde, sempozyumlarda paylaştığımız, aylarca süren uğraşın bazen sessizlikte yankılandığını duyduğumuz ilginç bir yazı türüdür. Bazen bir programa çağrılırsınız, size ayrılan süre içinde bir şeyler söylemeye çalışır ama onda da kendinizi iyi ifade edemediğinizi düşündüğünüz için eksiklenirsiniz. 177 palabras más


The rising petit bourgeois in anticipation of a future he will, in most cases, only know by proxy

As they struggle to the peak of their career and the moment of selfassessment, feeling their values and even their conception of their job threatened by the arrival of new, more highly qualified generations bearing a new ethos, the oldest of the junior executives and office workers are inclined to conservative dispositions in aesthetics, ethics and politics, as is shown by the analysis of the correspondences, which situates them close to the small shopkeepers and traditional craftsmen.

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