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Akala ko ok kayo. May pa weekend weekend banking pa kayong nalalaman.

Pumila ako ng 2 hours and 10 min para sabihan nyo lang na hindi updated ang bank book ko at kailangan pumunta ako sa mismong branch ko. 208 palabras más



I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing

POWERR~ fuck you, CRS

i can already feel the red blood rising

mukhang mapapalaban ako this sem… 8 palabras más


Searching the Alps for Snow

The week of New Years (yes, half a year ago! I’m almost caught up!), my family and I flew to Chamonix for what we hoped would be a week packed with top quality skiing. 841 palabras más


'Ireland dragging its heels on national business and human rights action plan'

The following is a guest piece which I was very pleased to be asked to write for the bi-monthly Public Interest Law Alliance Bulletin. You can find an archive of previous PILA Bulletins… 695 palabras más


A charming ancestral house in Pila, Laguna stands along the highway.

The town is a wealth of ancestral houses from the Americal colonial period. The town is home to one of the most charming town plazas in the country with a stone Spanish church and colorful Town Hall occupying the ends of a vast open plaza. 28 palabras más


Trips and Eats: Laguna

Eating something new is an essential part of traveling. In fact, some people’s motivation to travel is food. Going to new places is not just about seeing famous landmarks, it’s also about experiencing and digesting (figuratively and literally) another culture. 1.260 palabras más

Trips And Eats

The Vigan of the South

There are really lots of amazing towns in Laguna and the town of Pila is one of those. Pila is famous with their ancestral houses, when you pass by this town you will feel like you’re in a time machine witnessing what it looks like from hundred years ago. 442 palabras más