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Commemorative monument in Piła

The unveiling of the monument at the 17th century Jewish cemetery in Piła will be tomorrow (June 2) at 10 AM. The monument is on the grounds of the Police Academy, who funded the project together with the Piła City Council. 244 palabras más

Heritage Work

Wyspa pamięci

Here is an essay I prepared for the unveiling of a monument commemorating the 17th century jewish cemetery in Piła. It is part of a lecture I will give at the ceremony. 773 palabras más

Heritage Work

Jasmine's Blog - A week in Italy

I’m back at the Ski Club in the communications department after being in Italy for the Easter break. Here’s what I’ve been up to: 332 palabras más

Ski Club News

Las cosas ya no son lo que eran

– “Se paró el reloj”
– “Se detuvo el tiempo,
y la tierra se detuvo,
y la Luna se detuvo,
los pájaros se quedaron
suspendidos en el aire, 59 palabras más

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