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Pila on a "modular Fermat equation"

I like this paper by Pila that just went up on the arXiv, which shows the way that you can get Diophantine consequences from the rapid progress being made in theorems of Andre-Oort type.   415 palabras más



LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

Pila Bautismal, está realizada en marmol blanco de Carrara, tallada por el artista florentino Onofre Juliá en el año 1433… 8 palabras más

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Pila in Aosta Valley

Heading on a jam packed school coach at the age of 14 to Pila in Northern Italy, was not my way of usual travel. In fact, I had never… 472 palabras más


Week #2 In Review

Hi everyone,

My second week feels roughly 1000 times easier than the first. I know where I’m going, I know what some things should cost (though I’m clueless when it comes to lancha, or ferry prices which are notorious for ripoffs) and I’m getting to know people better. 1.533 palabras más


Island of remembrance: the Jewish cemetery in Piła

A fragment of the lecture I gave at the unveiling of the monument at the 17th century Jewish cemetery in Piła on June 2, 2015, translated into English: 660 palabras más

Heritage Work

Nature | Foggy morning.

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Commemorative monument in Piła

The unveiling of the monument at the 17th century Jewish cemetery in Piła will be tomorrow (June 2) at 10 AM. The monument is on the grounds of the Police Academy, who funded the project together with the Piła City Council. 244 palabras más

Heritage Work