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Harrisburg gets $300K to stop dog fighting, gambling

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The City of Harrisburg has a problem with dog fighting. Now, they’ll have the resources to do something about it.

On Tuesday, Harrisburg City Council approved a $300,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. 290 palabras más


Chris Brown + More Has A lot Of "Fun"

Chris Brown took it to the streets of Miami to have a good time in the day time to shoot the video for smash single, “Fun.” The photos Brown posted to his Instagram shows him not only working hard, but also surrounded by beautiful women. 138 palabras más


A Good Idea Indeed

The plan for Sunday was to go to brunch and then take my friend’s dog, Loki, on a hike up Mount Hollywood to the Griffith Observatory. 976 palabras más


Top 5 summer songs of the moment

Music, music, music. Where to even start? I guess, since it’s almost summa time, and I’ve never done this before, I’m going to give you my top 5 summer tracks of the moment that you should be listening to now. 165 palabras más


Sister, Sister

Here are two of Elle’s siblings, Lilah and Rainy.  Lilah is a bit of a couch potato, she really only likes to go on 10 minute walks, but will walk for longer if you insist.  86 palabras más