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Mario needs your help!

Mario is a 6 and a half year old rescue mutt from a local rescue called Greenbelt Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW).  Mario has been with our family for 4 and a half years.   263 palabras más


Tras el sueño de "El Dorado"

Las ideas de hoy giran alrededor del olimpismo. Quizás la expresión más pura del deporte de alto rendimiento. Hay algo celosamente guardado en el deporte olímpico. 539 palabras más


On August 3 rapper-singer Pitbull released his debut almost...

On August 3, 2004 Pitbull released his debut album “M.I.A.M.I.”

The album, whose titled was short for “Money Is A Major Issue”, featured production by Lil Jon, and peaked at number 14 on the Billboard 200 chart, while the lead single, “Culo,” peaked at number 32. 14 palabras más


day nineteen

Today it’s all about sunbathing on the deck, but, whew! Friday and Saturday were tough.

She was in the 25% of dogs who experience nausea and other GI issues. 370 palabras más

World... meet Ghost!

So our family increased by one yesterday.

Ghost is a pure bred pitt hailing from San Diego. He’s a six-months-old rambunctious fella that loves to eat his new big cousin’s food. 70 palabras más


Curing New Couch Woes

Anyone who’s had the honor of sharing their lives with a member of the pit bull tribe will agree; you can take away a pitty’s eyes, ears, legs, relatively non-essential organs and/or any other body part, and the dog can still live a  happy life.   441 palabras más

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