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custom 16″x20″ acrylic on stretched canvas, signed lower right

My old (young) running buddy from Street Tails Animal Rescue (STAR) in Northern Liberties. Hazel had a wide-eyed wonder about her, especially when it came to getting a post-run drink from the Liberty Lands dog park sprinkler. 14 palabras más


Smolov and Rugby, a rough combo

Today was day 2 of the introductory phase to my work in Smolov. I squeezed it into the time between school and rugby practice. Working sets today were the same as last time and they felt much better before doing any other work compared to yesterday where I did them after 15.5. 346 palabras más

Can You Watch My Dog?

Doggy Grandparents to the Rescue!

Pet owners traveling out-of-town can all agree, finding an awesome pet sitter is both a challenge and an expense. This why I recommend living a reasonable distance from your parents. 34 palabras más


Peace for Pits: Valentina

Some people see pit bulls as a vicious breed. What I see is a loving, caring, so many kisses and playful dog looking for their forever family. 51 palabras más


Caleb - A Whole-Hearted Man

Imagine with me for a moment.  It is a dry and dusty day on the border of the Promised Land.  40 days earlier, Moses sent 12 men to look at the land of Canaan to see what  was waiting for them there.  1.125 palabras más