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How does Plasmodium alter mosquito feeding habits?

Answer by Tirumalai Kamala:

This question has two aspects, first, does Plasmodium alter an infected mosquito’s feeding behavior, and if so, how?

Plasmodium alters an infected mosquito’s feeding behavior under experimental conditions. 611 palabras más


The Battle Against Malaria during WWII

In the beginning of the Second World War, a disease called malaria proved to be heavily detrimental to the allied forces and their fight against dictatorship. 610 palabras más


This creature have long tormented humanity – especially the African continent – and still is.


Malaria is a disease caused by the plasmodium pathogen – a protozoa – transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito (it’s vector). 70 palabras más


Bloody Mosquitoes #mosquito #malariaKills #malaria #anopheles

Feeeeeeeen! Feeeeeeeeen! The nifty nuisance
Floats about my ears whispering loudly
As if to ask for permission to sink  and steal
My silently speeding oxygen carriers from my veins. 102 palabras más


How Can 'Dog's Vomit' Have A 'Hive' Mind? Enter The Kingdom Of The Slime Moulds

Truly alien creatures…are all around us” Professor Christopher Reid, University of Sydney

At dawn you could mistake them for vomited curry, something people find disturbing. 858 palabras más

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MIT Scientists Recreate Malaria in a Dish to Test Promising Drug Candidates

At the beginning, it feels like the flu: aches, pains and vomiting. But then you begin to experience severe cold and shivering, followed by fever and sweating—a cycle, known as tertian fever, that repeats itself every two days. 638 palabras más


An Illness Through Ages: The Malaria Timeline.

Having conquered five malarial infections, I became naturally invested in researching more about this neglected tropical disease. Malaria, finding its etymology in the Italian word “mal’aria” meaning “Bad air”, is also known by the name paludism. 585 palabras más