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TUGAS I : Pemeriksaan Parasit Darah

Pemeriksaan Parasit Darah
Pemeriksaan untuk parasit yang hidup dalam darah seperti mikrofilaria, Trypanosoma, Plasmodium, Babesia dapat dilakukan dengan membuat sediaan darah. Akan tetapi untuk identifikasi parasit diperlukan pewarnaan yang khusus, contohnya pewarnaan dengan bahan cat dalam kelompok zat warna Romanowsky. 221 palabras más


Slime Molds on the Move

As usual, Naturally Curious readers submitted unbelievably creative ideas about the identity of yesterday’s Mystery Photo. Kudos to those of you who recognized that it was a slime mold. 341 palabras más

LabTV: Curious About Malaria

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to buying school supplies and heading back to the classroom or off to university. So, throughout the month of August, I’ll be sharing LabTV profiles of young people whose learning experiences have set them on the path to becoming biomedical researchers. 418 palabras más


Stealth and sabotage

By Abigail Perrin

Plasmodium parasites – the causative agents of malaria – have infected humans for tens of thousands of years. Despite these parasites being some of our oldest enemies, we are surprisingly badly armed to defeat them. 535 palabras más

Nanopore sequencing for genotyping pathogens of tropical diseases (London Calling presentation)

Yutaka Suzuki, the University of Tokyo


Nanopore sequencer, MinION, has enabled sequencing analysis without pre-installation of expensive conventional sequencers or pre-requisite of specific skills in biological experiments. 257 palabras más

Pathogens / Infectious Disease

How does Plasmodium alter mosquito feeding habits?

Answer by Tirumalai Kamala:

This question has two aspects, first, does Plasmodium alter an infected mosquito’s feeding behavior, and if so, how?

Plasmodium alters an infected mosquito’s feeding behavior under experimental conditions. 611 palabras más


The Battle Against Malaria during WWII

In the beginning of the Second World War, a disease called malaria proved to be heavily detrimental to the allied forces and their fight against dictatorship. 610 palabras más