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Bandcamp Misanthropy - Vol. 3

The bottomless wellspring of Bandcamp is overflowing with great shit just waiting to be discovered. This series aims to shine light on the freshest emanations and foulest incantations from its darkest corners, a few artists at a time. 866 palabras más


Initial Descent: December 25 - 31, 2016

Well, that’s it folks. We made it to the end of this year but not without a few more legends leaving us too soon. RIP to all of those that have fallen and guard the remainder with every ounce of your being. 239 palabras más

Daily Heresy

CSR Joins With Satanath Records To Co-Release Plasmodium Debut: 'Entheognosis'

CSR is proud to announce a collaboration with Satanath Records to release Plasmodium‘s full-length debut: ‘Entheognosis’.

I think a description of the band, their philosophy and their music is best left to the members themselves: 291 palabras más



Malaria kills 1-3 million people a year, mainly among children under 5. This is about 500 every hour, and it tends to come back in recurrent bouts throughout life. 946 palabras más

Development And Inequality

AMP : Paludisme - une voie d'accès au cœur du parasite

Des chercheurs ont identifié à la surface du parasite responsable du paludisme une protéine qui importe des ARN de la cellule infectée. Une piste pour un ciblage par des molécules thérapeutiques ? 659 palabras más