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Introducing Playball

In the most basic terms Playball is a company that has many branches all over the UK that all aim to encourage kids to be active and develop a love for sport. 24 palabras más

Everybody deserves the chance to play ball

Watching  the little league world series this past weekend.  made me think of my own  exsperinces playing sports as a kid.

I would like to thank 2 men who  helped give me some of my most fond memories of my childhood. 799 palabras más

What’s your walk-up song?

The MLB baseball season is in full swing, and along with baseball comes a soundtrack of walk-up tunes that will inevitably get stuck in my head. 308 palabras más


Snapchat and Sports — Week 7

Week 7

May 12-May 18.

Over the last week the MLB hosted their #PlayBall weekend, there was a fight in the Rangers vs Blue Jays game, and making wishes happen with Make A Wish Foundation. 497 palabras más