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The personal-political imaginary restructured by a universal-Turing-machine symbolic

The tools used in a personal learning environment (PLE) will to some extent determine the shape of that environment. The shape of the object made is always in some way a reflection of the tools used to make it. 122 palabras más

Personal learning environments: everybody has one

A Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is for me, first of all a purpose, and then a place where I engage in activity with others. Only then do I look for tools to effect my participation in that activity with those other people. 247 palabras más

A progressive, emancipatory, democratic re-centering

My Personal Learning Environment (PLE) first of all has purpose and principles. I enter into learning in order to foster progressive (Wikipedia), emancipatory ( 64 palabras más

The human other-space between community and identity

With the Covid-19 rush to online, learning environments are suddenly of core concern. We each, student, teacher and staff need to be able to insert our personal learning environments into those of one another. 204 palabras más

The Ultimate Guide to PLE Part 4: The Last 2 Weeks

The longest, most agonizing, most dragging period of the board review season is the LAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE PLE. Believe me. I know the feeling. :( 490 palabras más

Med Life

Moje PLE

PLE, osobní vzdělávací prostředí, je soubor všech nástrojů, které používám ke svému vzdělávání.

Plánování a řízení úkolů

S klasickým diářem jsem se nikdy nenaučila pracovat, s elektronickými náhražkami mi to jde o něco málo líp. 406 palabras más


New stuff: sciatica and PLE!

AUGUST 16 – 20, 2019 – REPORT:

  • Neck pain: 5/10
  • Ankle/heel pain: 3/10 (better with movement)
  • Hip/lower back stiff, some pain
  • Elbow pain: 5/10
  • New…
  • 780 palabras más
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