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P!nk seventh studio album | three new registered tracks!

The not-yet-titled seventh studio album by American singer-songwriter and hitmaker P!nkis in the making. With still no confirmed release date, the album could be launched presumably and predictably later this year or early next. 82 palabras más


You Are Perfect, Just The Way You Are!

Made a wrong turn
Once or twice
Dug my way out
Blood and fire

Bad decisions
That’s alright
Welcome to my silly life

Misplaced, missunderstood… 210 palabras más


Just Because it Burns Doesn't Mean You're Gonna Die

Ever wonder about what he’s doing?
How it all turned to lies?
Sometimes I think that it’s better to never ask why
Just be
Where there is desire… 309 palabras más

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A Blast From The Past

Hi everyone,

today I am starting a new category of posts which is called “A Blast From The Past”. Based on this category, I will try to post at least once a week in addition to any other post a song chosen from the 90’s or the 00’s. 87 palabras más

Χωρίς κατηγορία


Did you know that almost 20% of high school students in the US are bullied? 20%! That is an unacceptably high number. Really, anything above zero is an unacceptably high number. 625 palabras más

My Inch

Looking At Pictures

So my most recent posts have been about the spring runs/walks/arts events to benefit local breast cancer organizations. Last week was the annual Komen on the boardwalk at the beach 10 minutes away from my hometown. 788 palabras más