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Sexual cast-offs

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coast to coast

like constellations

of dying stars


on a night

of black


Rob Goldstein (c) 1986


I Will Love Him Forever

Midnight on the roof of the Yale Biology Lab with a
marine biologist who flies to Africa next week to
study sea anemones.

He says he loves me, he studies my lips with his… 32 palabras más

Art By Rob Goldstein

Dazzling Days of Daring-Do

Remembering days when we played hide and seek
in the parking lot at Mount Rainier on summer nights –
my fellow park employees and I slithering… 318 palabras más

Christian Science

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I love sharing good poetry!

on looking at pictures of Syrian kids: for RU and those like her

too many hearts
are hardened, are closed
to the suffering
the poor, the misplaced
in this troubled world
when they should be open
regardless of emotional cost… 28 palabras más

Other Writing

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from Leonard Durso

The Wet Sheets

Warning: this piece may be triggering

I leap to my doctor’s


expecting a Mother

that doesn’t exist.

Dust runs through the

umbilicus and collects… 165 palabras más


Agora o que eu acho lindo no poeta
É que o poeta além de estudar,
De estar sempre estudando.
É que o poeta é por si o elemento do estudo. 75 palabras más


CMR: El insurrecto solitario

Ocurrió algún sábado de 1984, en la siempre calurosa Managua. Había leído en un suplemento cultural la conmovedora historia de una guerrillera salvadoreña que un día cualquiera, acaso presintiendo su muerte, anotó sus poemas en papel de cigarro para que un compañero los sacara del frente de guerra. 909 palabras más

Gabinete Caligari