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Bring Home Jesus

I want to bring Jesus home with me.

But I can’t.

I don’t.

I don’t know why I don’t bring him home with me after today, Sunday. 278 palabras más

Everyday Living

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A beautiful post!

God Whispers to Me

I found this poem hanging by a piece of tape from one of the walls in Clarion Alley. These were words I needed to read in that moment. 24 palabras más
Art By Rob Goldstein

A Dream About Robert

Robert sips his cup of green tea;

He traces words in a note-book.

A manic flips the table and shouts:

“When you’re ready to to die let me know!” 85 palabras más

Art By Rob Goldstein

Nets of Yellow

Sunday the


falls like


This is what

we see under

the sheet:

obligation affirmed

by habit.

1 AM the sky is pink,

We roll cigarettes… 28 palabras más


Since the Last Time We Spoke

Since the last time

we spoke, I shrieked

like an ape and pissed

on Park Avenue.

Since the last time

we spoke, recruits

tore through my… 52 palabras más

Art By Rob Goldstein


Sexual cast-offs

linked from

coast to coast

like constellations

of dying stars


on a night

of black


Rob Goldstein (c) 1986

Art By Rob Goldstein

I Will Love Him Forever

Midnight on the roof of the Yale Biology Lab with a
marine biologist who flies to Africa next week to
study sea anemones.

He says he loves me, he studies my lips with his… 32 palabras más

Art By Rob Goldstein