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Dawn, A Love Poem by Mick A. Quinn, 2015

To my husband, Joseph Jay Casey Noppe Albright Quinn.


It’s more than the flower–
although every white petal is important
if this incantation is to breathe; stand; 207 palabras más


An Abridged Family History

In the sitting room, people are standing

which is how I know something is wrong

because nobody stands in a sitting room,

unless they’re scared of… 267 palabras más



Thoughts like lions in disguise,

innocent sheep lure me with their smile,

hiding their teeth beneath their skin,

expecting any moment for the kill.

Like an astronaut in a horror movie, 55 palabras más


Empty Kitchen

Four months after my father’s

death, he comes to me in a dream.

He asks:

“Where is your mom?”

I remember not answering.

He isn’t mad because he already… 59 palabras más


Pretentious poems

pour pondering piss

bringing impetuous

bolstering bliss

as I relegate

to self-flagellate

Self-centered torture

to whom I’m not sure

what is so pure… 36 palabras más

Quand nous faisons amour

A secret place

of forbidden taste

that creates a fire

ignites a burning desire

of inner longings,

suppressed yearnings

of all that is beautiful and… 28 palabras más



Written by Jacob Ibrag

You’ll see it for yourself. The end of this place.

It has been said that the crawlers of the root were never… 90 palabras más