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A Letter to My Blood Sisters.

I’ll admit. I admit;
as I grow
I fell in love with my privacy. My space. My territory.
I talk less. I listen more. I observe better. 246 palabras más


House of Bees

The questions swarmed like bees

unacknowledged and unanswered.

And the bees filled up the house –

up through the chimney

in a carnivorous cloud

they spilled out, buzzing furiously… 133 palabras más



Plateaus descending down hillside

And on each different things are grown

Different crops depending on what seeds are sown

All around the green grass grows in lustre… 110 palabras más


Gooey Freeman

I am not a Prophet;

I benefit from Prophecy

I see no far flung future

Put past seems clearly predict me

So Pawn of Prophecy, perhaps… 145 palabras más

Prismic Tendencies.

You were a prism,
refracting light in rainbows,
onto my existence
and I held you close,
and with you, all the light
as it cut through the shadows… 133 palabras más


I Just Don't Care


I just don’t care
who you follow
the stuff that you say
and what you think
that you know
I’ve tasted
the tranquility
of heaven… 92 palabras más