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Musing on transactions cost

or how to think about Bitcoin.

In the end, there is no free lunch when we talk about transactions cost.

Consider Bitcoin as a digital equivalent of gold. 581 palabras más


Ponzi scheme dreams

I don’t claim to be a saint
He said
I’ll steal for you, lie for you, fight for you
So that you can live like a queen… 86 palabras más


First sign your "cute" little BOT will close down...

Everywhere I look, I’m seeing people recruiting for this, whether the Bitcoin version, the Litecoin version or the Ethereum version.

This has lasted now for over 8 months, and is probably the cleverest one I have seen so far and offers the following returns: 452 palabras más

Reactions Trail Death of MMM Ponzi Scheme  Founder Sergey Mavrodi

The founder of pyramid ponzi scheme MMM died after a heart attack yesterday March 25 in Russia. He was aged 62. His death has sparked outrage among Nigerians. 169 palabras más


How this scam is trying to rip everyone off (Ponzi/pyramid scheme)

Normally I like to keep my blogs neutral. I obviously do pick sides but atleast I don’t want to sound like everything the other side has to offer is wrong (atleast on the topics where this principle can be applied.) As you can guess this is not one of those arguments. 940 palabras más


Çiftlikte Yitirilen İnsanlık...

Birkaç gündür tüm sosyal medya mecraları ve kenarda köşede yapılan sohbetlerin ana gündem maddesi Çiftlikbank…
Konuyu bilenler bu kısmı atlayabilir, halen konuyu bilmeyenler için detaylı olarak size sistemi anlatayım. 1.445 palabras más

Memleketimden Manzaralar

“Creditele mici si dese: cheia marilor succese!”

Definirea fara echivoc de catre Constitutia Romaniei a economiei nationale ca fiind una “de piata, bazata pe libera initiativa si concurenta” (art.135.1), fara a neglija insa precizarea directiilor de interventie ale statului , printre care “ 611 palabras más