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Çiftlikte Yitirilen İnsanlık...

Birkaç gündür tüm sosyal medya mecraları ve kenarda köşede yapılan sohbetlerin ana gündem maddesi Çiftlikbank…
Konuyu bilenler bu kısmı atlayabilir, halen konuyu bilmeyenler için detaylı olarak size sistemi anlatayım. 1.445 palabras más

Memleketimden Manzaralar

“Creditele mici si dese: cheia marilor succese!”

Definirea fara echivoc de catre Constitutia Romaniei a economiei nationale ca fiind una “de piata, bazata pe libera initiativa si concurenta” (art.135.1), fara a neglija insa precizarea directiilor de interventie ale statului , printre care “ 611 palabras más

Oregon Exploits: Visiting the Willamette Valley

Last fall with members of the Society of Wine Educators conference, I was able to visit Adelsheim in Oregon. I confess I had no idea about the importance of this winery to the founding of the Oregon wine industry. 447 palabras más


(?) To Be or Not To Be

At the core of the crypto- controversy “scam or new asset class?”, is a personal belief from which all else flows.  If you think that Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, everything which is generated from that essential belief only serves to confirm a negative opinion of cryptocurrencies. 205 palabras más


Why the Nirav Modi fraud is much more than just a fraud

During the course of the last one week, the hottest news-story in India has been that of a jeweller named Nirav Modi, allegedly defrauding one of India’s largest government owned banks, the Punjab National Bank (PNB). 873 palabras más

Bad Loans

The Shadow Knows

February 13, 2018, Prescott- 

There was a radio show, in the days of my parents’ youth, wherein the narrator intoned, “Who knows what evil  lurks in the hearts of men?  262 palabras más


Poemegranates: Mammon 


For those that don’t have it, it is a big deal

For those that do, it’s a piece of paper

Its viewed as the primary source for joy and thrills… 68 palabras más