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Belum hadirnya pemerintah dan otoritas jasa keuangan dalam kegiatan ekonomi, telah menjadi penyebab menjamurnya skema ponzi dalam perekonomian rakyat kini. Pupus sudah niatan dan harapan ribuan calon jamaah umroh beribadah di tanah suci dengan terungkapnya kasus bisnis PT. 428 palabras más

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India likens crypto cash to Ponzi schemes


India is the latest country to warn against investing in cryptocurrencies

India warned Friday against investing in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, likening them to “Ponzi schemes”, as it became the latest country to urge caution. 228 palabras más

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Do Not Put Money Into BitConnect

Recently, an altcoin known as BitConnect has been one of the fastest growers in the crypto space. With banner ads on popular websites such as Coinmarketcap and video ads on Youtube, many people have heard of Bitconnect but do not know what it does. 816 palabras más


O Bitconnect é uma fraude

Se pesquisaram por cryptomoedas no Google, quase de certeza tiveram que levar com a publicidade do Bitconnect no YouTube. Na publicidade aparecem várias pessoas a mostrar os ganhos que fizeram durante os últimos meses ao usar esta plataforma de empréstimos. 536 palabras más


Frozen coins


Its cost of ‘production’ or mining can only go up because of the nature of the 21 million cap.

When the cost of mining exceeds bitcoin’s price, miners will shut down. 37 palabras más


Bitcoin and bubble gum

Taleb is right, and Bitcoin is no bubble.

Maybe it’s gum.

A “bubble” becomes a bubble when you run out of nonbankrupt people calling it a bubble. 158 palabras más