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Can most pension funds last?

When a pension fund with legislated rates of pay out operates in a negative interest environment, its fund is bound to be depleted.

You have to ask how can it have money to pay out at the legislated (high positive) rates. 91 palabras más


•It’s a bombshell that will crash one day, Senators, Reps warn By Henry Umoru, Babajide Komolafe, Emma Ovuakporie, Nkiruka Nnorom, Johnbosco Agbakwuru, Ikenna Asomba Against the backdrop of the biting economic recession that has hit the country since 2015, trust Nigerians, they have devised several means to survive the economic down-turn.

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What is Multi Level Marketing?

Multi level marketing is known as network marketing. This is a kind of business where franchising and direct selling are combined. This business makes a person associated to a company in an independent transaction approach. 334 palabras más

​One of the ponzi schemes in Nigeria, Ultimate Cycler has crashed, sending panic waves across many of its Nigerian members who have invested their money in it as well as those who have equally invested in others such as MMM.

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Here comes the crash, is MMM next?

​Ultimate Cycler has crashed,The ponzi website, Ultimate Cycler went down early Thursday morning, about 10:30am Nigerian time the site initially displayed an error line of code, before displaying ”Error 500” in bold letters, then it proceeded to display another message: 55 palabras más


MMM and The Appreciation of Risk

Unless you’re living under a rock (and even if you were), as a Nigerian you’ve heard of the new craze in town, MMM.

I, like everyone else on the more sensible (and relatively middle class) end of the spectrum have easily and accurately dismissed MMM as a Ponzi scheme. 517 palabras más


Boom to Doom : MMM

In coming weeks reactions from some Nigerians will continue to spur in on the #SpoilerAlert coming from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on the Mavordi Mondial Movement scheme (popularly known as the MMM scheme). 150 palabras más