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Equo solidale

L’Atac ci regala delle perle rare. Io che leggo Pornoterrorismo e la perdita dell’imene ascoltando Nina Hagen, che provoca in me inusitata ilarità mentre vado verso il lavoro quasi scaduto manco fosse uno yogurt. 97 palabras más


Diana and I at her house in London, enjoying a delicious Latin evening with great company and spicy food.

like 2 happy kids

Imaginary Private Scenarios

La cultura del porno y la educación sexual

Yo viví mi adolescencia en una época en la que internet no estaba al alcance de todos, había menos privacidad, el porno era más soft y estaba menos extendido. 1.360 palabras más

MuestraMarrana5 and new drawing of mine

Open call for the 5th edition of the magnificent Muestra Marrana that is growing every year more and more like a hungry monster.

This time there will be a focus on older people and their sexuality. 23 palabras más

Beautiful And Powerful Art

Piraña Divina

I met Nazario‘s work twice. The first time was probably at Diana‘s house, it was perhaps Anarcoma or a comic at El Víbora… 225 palabras más

Beautiful And Powerful Art

Post Porn from Barcelona at Fringe! Film Fest

Thanks to Lola Clavo and Nuria Camprecios this year we’ll have  some of Barcelona’s queer porn sexy smart power in London, as part of the… 124 palabras más

Beautiful And Powerful Art

Balaclavas are for terrorists like us

A great big woman once told me “I don’t always want to be political but I am forced to” and I felt absolutely identified with it. 48 palabras más

Private Planet