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My stock purchases - update #2

To begin with, let me wish all my readers a very happy Dussehra. Though our markets do not offer any cheer right now, I hope all of you had a great time with your family and friends. 543 palabras más


Email Pitch for Greatist


Subject: For Gabrielle: Exclusive on Expert Yoga Instructor for Over 20 Years

Ms. Gabrielle:

I have recently read your article The Runners Pain and found it interest that running, no matter the distant, is the leading cause of joint pain in the United States. 263 palabras más


Text and Shapes

Since this image has so many shapes and colors, I added a rectangle with 49% opacity that I placed behind the text, which allows for easier reading.  14 palabras más


Message of the Arcturians

Message of the Arcturians, October 20, 2018 Do not be shocked.
Many pretenses and illusions will soon fall. 231 palabras más

Guest interview...Maximus Barnett

Maximus is the founder of Pylot, which is an analogue fashion / art based magazine. Each issue is themed, and one of the key concepts is that no images are edited / retouched. 287 palabras más