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Yaquina Bay Bridge

“Yaquina Bay Bridge”

The Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, OR is photographed on a daily basis.  With so many images of this beautiful bridge, I’ve never seen underneath.  I was not disappointed.


Old Altar

Triangles: 6.3k

Vertices: 3.1k

Sketchfab link:

Created in Blender. UV maps (for textures and lightmap) created in RizomUV.

Texture/Material created using Quixel and Photoshop.


Hiker Trash Vogue

All photos available as canvas prints!

8×10 – $20

11×14 – $30

16×20 – $45

24×36 – $75

+shipping on all orders.

Venmo/PayPal accepted.


or text 503-502-4170


Comics Authoring

Comic is one tool that we can use as a media in teaching reading. Comic is more attractive that make students more comfortable when they read it. 11 palabras más