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Ritual and festive expressions of Panama’s Congo culture inscribed in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage

The ritual and festive expressions of the Congo culture encompass the contemporary vision of a collective celebration of the descendents of black rebels enslaved in the colonial period, who back then escaped into the jungle and formed communities of exiles called… 269 palabras más


Panami Panama

Our second last country on this journey: Panama. Only four days time. That’s not much, but it’s also a small country. So just have a look at what we’ve seen and done in those days. 1.690 palabras más

Busy times in Panama 

As soon as we arrived in Panama after the San Blas, we started to make all the arrangements to cross the famous canal. We chose Portobelo as a base following the advice of our friends from Shaitanne, the French boat we had met in San Blas. 1.652 palabras más

Cirrus En Voyage II