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2020: Postponed until 2021

Every time we turn around another motorcycle event or gathering has been postponed until 2021. The latest was news on the Horizons Unlimited Newfoundland, 904 palabras más

2-up Motorcycle Travel

England starlet Edwards seals a draw for Vitoria de Guimaraes

Young English midfielder Marcus Edwards scored an important second goal for Guimaraes tonight against fourth placed Sporting Lisbon, to seal a point for the mid-table side.

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Tarrafal, The Rabbit Hunters, O Nosso Homem (2010)

I’ve seen criticism suggesting that the force of Costa’s longform work comes from its structural eddies and echoes, which have less space to develop in the shorter format. 268 palabras más


Pais das Uvas restaurant, Vila de Frades, Alentejo.

To the left Pais das Uvas form outside and inside and to the right Cella Vinaria Antiqua.

In Vila de Frades and the area there are some vineries making the talha wine, a process of wine making introduced by the Romans and then handed down from generation to generation throughout the history. 356 palabras más


Englische Woche and Portuguese League Returns

There was one mid-week game in the Bundesliga as Werder Bremen and Eintracht Frankfurt battled it out, in German a mid-week fixture is called “Englische Woche” which means English week, as it always seems that the English have games during the week. 291 palabras más


Tales of Deconfinement 5

Turning right towards south, I descend Rua das Amoreiras. At the bottom an aqueduct arch is upgraded to the status of a city door. I like to fancy that is the door of an imaginary huge palace, Versailles like, that occupies all of the eighteen century city area…