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ALBUM REVIEW: 'Feed The Machine' by Nickelback

The assertions of Nickelback being the “worst band in the world” are grossly exaggerated. Perhaps switching out “worst” for “most inoffensive” would be more accurate, as the band’s method of staying well away from any sort of boundaries has led them to become the faces of radio rock, for better or for worse. 714 palabras más


Hoobastank: For(n)ever


For(n)ever  follow’s up two of the bands most successful and notable albums in their discography. This time around, things feel a little more formulaic and somewhat bland. 125 palabras más


CKY share new track "Head for a Breakdown" from comeback album -- listen

Photo by ​Jimmy Hubbard

Whether you want to classify them as skate punk or stoner metal or whatever else, CKY built a strong following of devoted fans over the years. 299 palabras más

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Seether: Poison on the Parish


Seether takes things back into a bit of a heavier direction on their latest album “Poison on the Parish”. There was actually an interview where the band talked about their label wanting them to follow certain modern trends. 123 palabras más


Album Review: New Kind Of Normal by Cayetana

Philadelphia Indie punks Cayetana released their second album, New Kind Of Normal, on 5th May via their own record label Plum Records. We’re not quite sure how or why it took us just shy of a month to realise the album has been released – don’t make the same mistake as us, get yourself acquainted with this gem ASAP. 330 palabras más