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Audioslave - Audioslave (2002)

Audioslave (título homônimo) foi um disco produzido por Rick Rubin (aquele que tudo que toca, vira ouro) muito bem aceito pela crítica no começo do novo milênio. 134 palabras más

Post Grunge

ALBUM REVIEW: High/Low - Stuck in a Void (2014)

By Del Chaney

The world of music as we know it is changing for the good. Ours is a time when independent musical creativity seems to be flourishing online, and artists and bands are able to not only oust the dreaded record company puppet master, but also to write, record, produce, master, release, and promote their own masterpieces directly to their fan base. 392 palabras más

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Overjoyed - Matchbox Twenty

And if you want, we’ll share this life
Anytime you need a friend I’m gonna be by your side
When nobody understands you
Well, I do

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