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3 Doors Down lead singer has concertgoer thrown out for pushing woman

Three cheers for 3 Doors Down lead vocalist Brad Arnold for taking a stand against violence against a woman at his concert. The singer stopped mid-song during a live performance in Broomfield, Colorado to have a concertgoer thrown out for pushing a woman to get into a fight! 135 palabras más


Watch | Bitch Falcon perform their new single 'TMJ' live for Press Record

Post-grunge three-piece Bitch Falcon return to Asylum studios to film a live rendition of their latest single ‘TMJ’ for the Press Record series.

Returning with the far sleeker sound of ‘TMJ’ in comparison to their previous single ‘Breed’, Bitch Falcon’s latest offering is as bone-rattling and riff filled as we come to expect from the Dublin band. 99 palabras más

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Completely Pleased by Semisonic

Want to see you smiling, weak in the knees.

Timeless Classic Of The Day

Deep Inside Of You by Third Eye Blind

And I never felt alone, ’till I met you.

Timeless Classic Of The Day

Swallowed by Bush 

I’m with everyone and yet not.

Day 302 - Hyena

With the exception of Birmingham, the whole of the Midlands is a pretty barren place when it comes to producing awesome bands. Sure Coventry had the Specials and The Enemy, and Kasabian fly the flag for Leicester, but on the whole it’s pretty sparse stuff. 87 palabras más

Pranks - Pranks E.P.

The Last Mixed Tape reviews the self-titled debut E.P. from Dublin based alternative-rock two-piece Pranks. 

Pranks E.P. is pure post-grunge music. Filled with kinetic riff based energy and steeped in the bare-boned rock inflections of the genre, the record plunges straight into the murky depths of Pranks sound with total commitment. 215 palabras más