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A mixed day, but began and ended on a high note, so calling it good

Today was a rather a mixed day. Started well, went downhill and looked like it wasn’t going to get any better, but was rescued in the end. 1.546 palabras más


A really useful hiphop-free practica, and a crowded but fantastic milonga

Yeah, this is another lengthy blog post. You know the drill: grab a cup of tea or glass of wine before reading …

Some might argue that a 2-hour practica, 90-minute group class and 3-hour milonga is a touch enthusiastic. 2.626 palabras más


Finally losing the cross-system battle, and 'the best you've ever danced'

Today I lost a long-running battle with Fede … He kept wanting me to use cross-system, arguing that it would open up a whole new world of possibilities. 1.424 palabras más


Morir para nacer, mi primera clase de Bikram

Aún recuerdo mi primera clase de Bikram…. Después de varios años practicando Hatha yoga…¿Por qué no probar algo nuevo? pensaba que no tendría problemas en adaptarme a las posturas, mi mayor temor era la temperatura. 205 palabras más

Tango in Kuala Lumpur this week: Sept 25-29

Milonga and practica in Kuala Lumpur this week: 25-29 September 2019.

“Tango is the dance of the heart. It is challenging and uplifting at the same time.” … 109 palabras más

Argentine Tango

Tango secrets

Ok, this one, too, might sound a bit like a return to The Crazy Days, with a practica, group class and milonga all in one evening – but it’s not as bad as it sounds. 1.089 palabras más


Sore feet, for all the right reasons

Today was a little like going back in time to my crazy days of tango, when I signed up for every class and workshop on offer, peaking at… 1.947 palabras más