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B.C. government chips in $500,000 toward Raise-a-Reader campaign

The Vancouver Sun’s annual Raise-a-Reader campaign kicked off Thursday with a major donation from the provincial government.

B.C.’s $500,000 contribution is a boon to the campaign, which was created nearly 20 years ago to support child and family literacy. 238 palabras más

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Editorial: Do we spend enough on education?

A short report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released this week is a useful contribution to the discussion on education funding.

The author, Alex Hemingway, the CCPA’s public finance policy analyst, takes the B.C. 417 palabras más


Charles Ungerleider: The more things change, the more they stay the same

September marks the introduction of B.C.’s new curriculum from kindergarten to Grade 9. According to the Ministry of Education, the curriculum redesign is necessary to respond to the changing and demanding world in which students live. 588 palabras más


Vancouver School Board rejects last-minute provincial budget proposal

The Vancouver School board rejected a last-minute proposal by the Ministry of Education to help balance its budget.

The failure to pass a balanced budget puts the board at risk of being fired by Education Minister Mike Bernier, if the June 30 deadline passes without an approved, balanced budget. 486 palabras más

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Opinion: Debugging B.C.'s coding curriculum with 'help' from South Korea

B.C. Premier Christy Clark recently announced $6-million for a new computer ‘coding curriculum,’ which will be offered in K-9 classrooms this fall and introduced in grades 10 to 12 in 2017. 621 palabras más


Opinion: Exam reduction deserves failing grade

The B.C. government’s decision to reduce the number of provincial examinations made be welcome news to students, but it is poor educational policy.

B.C. will only assess performance in literacy and mathematics at the Grade 10 level beginning next year. 629 palabras más


Editorial: Embrace change, but prudently

Military leaders, it’s been said, frequently base decisions on past strategy when technological change imposes a different paradigm. Thus, First World War generals deployed cavalry and mass frontal attacks on battlefields dominated by barbed wire and machine guns. 376 palabras más