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Hager, Farrar on privacy

Nicky Hager at The Spinoff: “‘If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to fear’ is like a slogan from a police state”

The claim “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to fear” is like a slogan from a police state.

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Not so secret, secrets

Let’s talk about secrets. We all have them and some like to share more than others. But on social media – are there any secrets? 279 palabras más



“Is your past a reflection of your future?”

Should your past dictate your future? Or is it whatever you did in the past should stay in the past. 537 palabras más

US Government: No, We're Not Talking About Yahoo EMail Scanning

There still isn’t a lot of information about what was going on with the Yahoo e-mail scanning. “Four weeks on, the world still does not know exactly what legal basis the US government used to obtain a secret court order requiring Yahoo! 74 palabras más

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This page is my sanctuary.  The only place in the world where I can say the words that I cannot speak. You may wonder why I choose to put them out there for all to see.   554 palabras más


After 3 years, does the need for more privacy usually mean something is being hidden? I fear secrecy in a relationship, and don’t exactly know how to handle this new need for privacy.

A court will decide whether Facebook used you to violate the privacy of all your friends

Here’s what we know: Every time you tag a friend in a Facebook photo, Facebook stores their image in its database. And here’s what we’re about to find out: whether that’s an illegal violation of users’ privacy. 514 palabras más