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Update your iOS device to 9.3.5

There is a 3-part bug in iOS software that can allow someone to install malicious software on your iPhone, iPad, etc. The net result is that your entire device is at risk including passwords, camera and other sensitive data. 46 palabras más


When a Hack is More Than a Hack

Source: Broader Perspectives

A Cybersecurity and Privacy Hub

Spies are constantly trying to steal things from foreign governments, and the development of hacking tools has allowed them to swipe sensitive records from thousands of miles away. 538 palabras más


My message to companies that think they haven't been attacked is: 'You're not looking hard enough'

“My message to companies that think they haven’t been attacked is: ‘You’re not looking hard enough'” – James Snook, Deputy Director, UK Office for Cyber Security … 6 palabras más


Ashley Madison Blasted Over Fake Security Award as Lawsuit Moves Forward

If a company’s main product is discreet sexual services, it should probably lock down its customer data good and tight. Ashley Madison, a website for adultery, took a different approach: it employed terrible safeguards, and sought instead to reassure users by posting a fake icon called “trusted security award” on its website. 406 palabras más


Ghostbusters star’s website defaced with racist and explicit images

Leslie Jones, the co-star of this year’s Ghostbusters movie and cast member of Saturday Night Live who was already hounded off Twitter last month by trolls, has been attacked again. 470 palabras más


Actually, I Know There's No "May Be" About It. I Read The News

Unless you’re joining me for dinner, I generally see no need to discuss my meal plans or eating habits with you.

And though old-fashioned it may be, I apply this same logic to… 6 palabras más

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