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What a Waste

Lots of interesting news at the intersection of privacy and security these days. The ongoing Apple/FBI feud is only a tiny piece of it.

Consider, for example, the case of… 329 palabras más


The Visible Data of the Invisible User

As the march to connect each and every noun on this planet continues with a blistering pace, the various ways, contraptions and sensors used to collect data is greatly expanding. 695 palabras más


The Dark Arts: Anonymity

Love him or hate him, Edward Snowden knew a thing or two about anonymity. In June of 2013, he blew the whistle on the NSA’s out-of-control programs that can target virtually anyone plugged into the digital age. 871 palabras más

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Government need v. User rights v. Law

Europe and the US have long been in conflict over information: the US has its broad discovery rules and Europe has its broad privacy protections.  This week, the conflict assumed a different shape. 125 palabras más


WhatsApp blocked by judge for failing to hand over data

The government vs. encryption war is escalating in Brazil: it’s donned its boxing gloves and punched out WhatsApp.


The same Brazilian judge who threw Facebook Vice President Diego Dzodan in jail… 839 palabras más


Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationships? It Doesn’t Have To

Way back in 1984, I was having dinner with some female friends at the large technology company where we all worked. All of us had notebook computers – the Tandy Model 100, the first truly portable computer with a built-in modem to connect it to the online world – and one of the women sheepishly admitted that the first thing she did every morning was roll over in bed, reach for her Model 100, and check for email and new CompuServe messages. 1.585 palabras más

Social Media

Can Law Enforcement Force You To Unlock Your Phone With A Fingerprint?

If you’re arrested or a suspect in a crime, the police can’t force you to remember the combination to your safe, or the passcode for your iPhone. 481 palabras más