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Can your voice reveal an illness?

With Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot speaker systems amongst the most popular gifts under the Christmas tree last month, speech recognition and voice control has taken a big step closer to becoming mainstream. 311 palabras más


As attacks rise, we ask: how secure is your Hadoop installation?

Last week, Fidelis Cybersecurity Threat Research reported multiple attacks on internet-facing Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) cluster installations worldwide. These attacks followed spikes in traffic to HDFS-linked Port 50070 from… 607 palabras más


“It’s not all about you”: limiting the Privacy Act’s intrusions

In Harder v Proceedings Commissioner 3 NZLR 80 (CA) – while noting what constituted ‘personal information’, defined as “information about an identifiable individual” for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993, was not at issue in the case and remained “open for determination when it directly arises” – the Court of Appeal warned “An unqualified approach to what constitutes ‘information about an identifiable individual’ will lead readily to breaches of one or more of the information privacy principles”. 421 palabras más


First Netherlands, now Europol, 400+ financial investigators and more to ban Bitcoin Mixers

This News is not even an hour old as this article is written. Bitcoin Mixing Services will be punished by Law in the Future for all Users in Europe. 545 palabras más


Techdirt sued by Hulk Hogan's lawyer

Techdirt has been sued for libel by a man who says he invented email. The suit asks for $15 million in damages and is being litigated by the lawyer who earlier… 14 palabras más


Should Microsoft Be Allowed To Tells Its Users When Government Searches Their Data?

If the police serve a search warrant on your home, you know, but if law enforcement searches your cloud-stored files, you’ll probably have no idea — and companies like Microsoft are currently forbidden from telling you. 730 palabras más

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CatPhishing: Hamas targets the hearts of Israeli forces

Hamas is targeting the hearts of Israeli soldiers using social engineering attacks that are triggered with a simple friend request.

Israel Defense Forces reported the group is scrolling through Facebook for Israeli soldiers to “ 123 palabras más