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Is your identity safe online? You might be surprised

You might know what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is. But if you’re like many people out there, you probably don’t use one. You should… 508 palabras más


Is Blogging Just A Euphemism For Chronic Over Sharing?

I’ve been thinking about this an awful lot recently. It’s all out there for everyone to share, stare at in shock, secretly think ‘she said it, but it’s me’. 508 palabras más

30 Something Beauty

Dog Nooks

Everyone wants a comfy place…


Oreo likes the Bathroom, Breck likes the closet.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl


Data Security - Apple vs. FBI

The legal dispute between Apple and FBI in the San Bernando case has long been resolved at the time of writing – well, technically unresolved; the government found a solution. 531 palabras más


Tor Project announces new policies in wake of sexual assault scandal @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

Nearly two months ago, the Tor Project promised a full investigation into the sexual assault allegations that led to the resignation of one of its lead developers, Jacob Appelbaum.

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IPC Weighs In on Personal Email and Instant Messaging

The Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) released a report in June outlining his position on the use of instant messaging and private email in Ontario’s public institutions. 106 palabras más

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