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When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go!

A couple of months ago, it was major news that a bill was proposed in Florida to prohibit transgender people from using public, single-sex restrooms that do not match the sex they were born as. 930 palabras más


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Written almost two years ago as we embarked on the Don't Pee Here adventure. I'm sad to say that so little has changed and yes, people ARE still freaked out by seeing someone with short hair washing their hands in the women's restroom. Two years is a long time to wait to pee. You should try it sometime.

Online Privacy - The Ultimate Oxymoron

What we think is private online most likely isn’t. Even in 2017, there are multiple ways for our online privacy to be compromised. It’s almost laughable, really, to even attach the word “private” to anything that exists on the Internet. 595 palabras más

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Balancing Internet Privacy With Public Access To Information

Readers may have heard of the strange, tragic story of a thirty-one year old Italian woman named Tiziana Cantone.  According to media reports, she made sex videos with a current boyfriend and then sent the video to several other people, among them one of her ex-boyfriends.  36 palabras más

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Library Insider: A Conversation About Privacy With Becky Yoose

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the Library’s privacy efforts and what patrons can do to increase their privacy when using Library resources, so we sat down with Becky Yoose, The Seattle Public Library’s Library Applications and Systems Manager, to find out more about privacy at the Library. 915 palabras más


Is Digital Privacy a Privilege Of The Wealthy?

A few weeks ago, I collaborated with some of the great talents of the infosec world on a blog piece organized by Lesley Carhart. Our goal: to understand if online privacy was a truly accessible commodity. 210 palabras más

Google Search Remove Outdated Content form

I use Flickr for my pictures. I had uploaded a family picture and forgotten to change its permission to “Family,” and hence, when a parent… 78 palabras más