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The Privacy (You Don’t Realize) You’re Giving Up on Facebook

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Once upon a time, the Internet was a New Thing. In the mid-1990’s, the novelty of being able to connect with strangers in chatrooms or play chess with friends a continent away was met with awe – and caution. 1.498 palabras más

Christian Living

[Preview#13] About customers’ personal information...

Consumers are becoming every day more and more privacy-sensitive and are worried regarding how their personal information is treated.

At the same time 768 palabras más

Digital World

Smart Advertising

Since 1994 we’ve seen many different successful forms of advertising. However, current online advertising seems to be one of the most effective ways of addressing particular target markets. 513 palabras más

Is Ola Leaking Your Data?

An Ola Cabs customer has posted a note on Facebook alleging that the company has been sending a barrage of SMS alerts, which bear the information of other users, such as their name, phone numbers, and other ride information. 610 palabras más


China, still not big or bad enough

Back on August 14th, the Austin American Statesman carried an article from the NY TImes about the dangers of Chemical storage on it’s front page. It did so without even a footnote highlighting the fact there is little in Texas that, in 2015, prevents the same thing happening. 220 palabras más


Youtube Sharing to Google Plus Disabled. The Beginning of The End?

Google keeps killing features in their services. Here’s another example of their behavior. While you can’t really complain, it is quite frustrating so this is a bit of a rant but offers a basic solution to the problem. 32 palabras más

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Report: Russian Hackers Breach 97 Websites

An independent cybersecurity company has determined that Russian-speaking hackers have breached 97 websites and stolen login credentials, potentially putting the privacy of hundreds of thousands of users in jeopardy. 346 palabras más