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A Tale of the Elder Kin

Come, hear another tale of the first mortal children of Déa and the world that was. The time before beginnings, all was light and, some say, gold and silver. 1.199 palabras más


Bullet Journal Spreads for Knitters and Crocheters

In a year when most of us have had to stay indoors a lot, many people have turned to crocheting or knitting to pass the time. 95 palabras más


Alcoholic Beverage Industry Supply Chain in Next Thirty Years

1. Introduction

In the past decades, wine and spirits as an alcoholic beverage becoming a trendy symbol of social status, luxury as well as healthier alcohol. 1.546 palabras más


The Pony Project

While we were working on The Office Project, we pulled out some older items which we wanted to have on display. One such item was The Pony. 213 palabras más


Productivity hacks

I was out for a walk today when it occurred to me to write about how I’m getting some things done lately. I really have no idea what I was thinking about right before that idea. 460 palabras más

Heron Pond

Breathing Space series//Reprends ton souffle

Image: Caitlin McDonagh

A short summer Open Mic series in Montreal, designed to bring community together during the quieter summer months. Run on Sunday evenings at the Depanneur Cafe, usually with the windows open. Bilingual.



At long last, I’ve made a point of making my learning experience project something that’s at least presentable and interview discussion worthy. I had the thing running perfectly fine before, but the controls were a bit all over and not everything was shown on the debug window. 212 palabras más