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Even more galactic whittling

After thinking about other possible pieces of pocket trash, I eventually decided that my partizan and archeologist personas could use a little memento of home. Enter the noble… 147 palabras más


Being a Modern Hippie

We all know what the word hippie (or hippy, as I like to write for some reason) conjures in our minds eye; long hair, peace, drugs, campervans, flowers and the lingering smell of patchouli. 830 palabras más


Simple Counter app using kivy python

In this blogs, we will be discussing about the simple counter app that has been developed in kivy python. This program is a mixture of kivy and kivymd widget. 403 palabras más


The Ideas Book by Kevin Duncan

Read if you’re

– working on your next big project

– part of a team that needs a creativity boost

Book Review

Cognizant lays off employees across multiple India locations - Times of India

Image Source : PTI BENGALURU: Cognizant is laying off employees across a number of its
News World


Defunding the Police --- Hustle4Info

Defunding the Police is a political movement full of rhetoric, some of it high brow. Defunding signifies roll-back to recent increases in policing budget and taking a new direction in eliminating social inequality and securing social justice with fewer corporate welfare and more front-line community workers. 104 palabras más


Development Logs - July 4, 2020

There are a bunch of changes to the Cleared for Takeoff! PROJECT this week:

  • 2,500 words added. Our outline is getting longer as we approach the falling action of the outline.
  • 168 palabras más
Cleared For Takeoff! PROJECT