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Standalone ATmega328P/168P/8A Dev-Board

We, G-Devs have created a simple yet quite useful Prototyping Board, Which is compatible with ATmega328p, ATmega8, ATmega48, ATmega168.

The main motive behind designing this Board was “Reducing the Power Consumption” making it ideal for Battery powered projects. 254 palabras más

Creating a Flow to set record image

Due to my interest in motorbikes, and being a keen biker (as touched upon previously), obviously one of my PowerPlatform/D365 environments is based around motorbikes! I mean, why not…. 322 palabras más


Junk Room Project

Hey, everyone! I’m back! My original plan for this post was to wait until I could get this room completely done, however, I’m currently at a stand still until other members of the family go through their belongings. 727 palabras más


Our Learning Wall — Creating a Fun & Engaging Daily Routine

Hii dolls!

Today’s post is technically a BONUS for you guys as this is something I wouldn’t normally do or post on here. You guys are all familiar by now that my son has sensory needs, so I am going the extra mile to provide him with something we can use to teach while at home during summer vacation. 773 palabras más


2m Portable J-Pole Antenna Tuning

In our last post, we built the Portable 2m J-pole antenna. Construction was relatively simple. Tuning is straight forward; but, it will require some experimentation. 264 palabras más


Lots of Elbow Grease

When Life throws me a curve ball and the outside heat index taps out over 105+ degrees, I delve into projects that keep me out of the heat. 40 palabras más