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Prometheus: The Truth

Per the terms of the bet, I had to write at least 300 words of a positive review of Prometheus. And I did! At least, I listed 300 words worth’ of positive things about it, which is close enough. 491 palabras más


Prometheus: The Positive (Mostly) Review

This entire post is because I lost a bet. Over the summer of 2014, my friend Ashlee and I did a Summer Box Office Challenge, which is to say that we each picked 10 movies opening from May to August and tallied up how much each made in its opening weekend. 896 palabras más



Prometheus (2012)

Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi

This film was entertaining enough, had dramatic disasters / attacks and it does kind of make you want to watch a sequel… As you can see I’m a little mixed about this film. 166 palabras más


Fast and Loose by Ifor

Of course, in retrospect, it is clear how the letters of extra words in down clues were ‘thematically’ used to spell out two instructions. We were lucky in that our initial guess that we were using the ‘sides’ of the words was going to spell out something and we had only solved half a dozen of the down clues when we were able to extrapolate ‘ERASE SOME LETTERS FROM GRID/ REORDER TO SINGLE WORDS’ as the two instructions that told us what to do with the final grid and how to handle extra phrases that were to appear in six across clues. 473 palabras más

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Exploring Stereoscopy (The Good, The Bad and Sometimes Ugly 3D)

As I enrolled for the class called The Basics of Stereoscopy I had no idea what it is going to be about. The description seemed interesting and the word stereoscopy looked fancy, so there I was, at that special mysterious module at FAMU. 954 palabras más

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News: The Prometheus Milano Series Humidors.

The Prometheus Milano Series Humidors were first released in 1999. Since then, many functional and aesthetic refinements have been made to the humidors in order to make them as best as possible. 121 palabras más

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