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Michael Fassbender Promises 'Alien: Covenant' Will Be Much Scarier Than 'Prometheus'

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus certainly has its fans (I consider myself one of them), but even the movie’s most ardent supporters would have to admit the movie isn’t terribly scary. 215 palabras más


The Best Fictional Workplaces From Movies - An Infographic

More than one in five U.S. employees are determined to leave their current place of employment at some point during 2016. So says CareerBuilder. 58% of employed adults in the U.S. 285 palabras más

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Has Been Completed!

Most of us are beyond excited to see a new Alien film headed our way. Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant will serve as a direct follow up to… 176 palabras más


Movie Review: Prometheus

Released: 6/8/12

I loved Aliens.  I saw it before Alien, but that didn’t seem to bother me.  When I did get around to finally watching… 248 palabras más

Aphotic Apathy - Paradise 

Space ambient is rapidly building steam to claim the “Favorite Ambient Genre” spot in my heart. There is such variation and wonder in the genre, I haven’t listened to a artist I haven’t liked. 438 palabras más


Symbols of Fire

Hephaestus is a greek god related to fire and all the uses we can do of it, including arts and crafts where the burning flame has an essential role…we all know that Hephaestus himself is described as an excellent blacksmith, who realized even the armour, the weapons and the shield of Achilles! 496 palabras más

European Traditionalism

Comic Review: 'Life and Death: Prometheus #2'

Life and Death continues with Prometheus #2. In this issue, we return to a familiar world and some familiar characters. It’s a nice twist for the series. 13 palabras más

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