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Know Your Villains: Prometheus

One of the great things about the DC TV shows on the CW is their ability to take some lesser known characters and breath new life into them with a new audience. 976 palabras más

DC Comics

Superhero Weekly: The Present for Flash and What Arrow Leaves Behind

The spoilers outside are frightful.

The Flash went for a gleeful Christmas episode by giving us the literal smoking gun, Savitar’s own Ark of the Covenant, the Philosopher’s Stone. 1.551 palabras más


A Closer Look: Arrow – “What We Leave Behind”

IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!! We think…. What am I talking about? Well clearly you didn’t watch the episode, so turn back now. But if you did… yah! That final reveal was something I had basically given up hope on, but here we are. 1.007 palabras más

The CW

#Arrow What We Leave Behind Preview S5Ep9 via @stacyamiller85 @CW_Arrow @StephenAmell

After battling aliens, Team Arrow is back to fighting villains closer to home. And in the Mid Season Finale episode airing December 7 titled “What We Leave Behind,” Prometheus is after the new members of the team. 76 palabras más

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Alien:Covenant Coming!

20th Century Fox recently released the new official poster for the upcoming Ridley Scott prequel “Alien:Covenant” and in doing so, got fans of the franchise in a frenzy. 142 palabras más

Movie News

#5. Intolerance (1916)

Intolerance is the first movie in the project that I’m sure I’ll watch again. It’s gorgeous and well-acted and beautifully-written. The intertitles are like prose poems. 1.018 palabras más

Alien: Covenant Poster

It’s like Ridley Scott and Fox really want me to forget that this is the sequel to Prometheus for some reason.

I do like how the alien here reminds me of the ‘ol chap from Alien 3, which is an excellent take on the monster before it became a sludgy mass of poop-drool in Alien: Resurrection. 14 palabras más