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Prometheus and Man

Part 1

The only true state of happiness for humans can be achieved through the embracement of life’s irrationality and indifference, and by understanding the ultimate truth: that there is no fundamental human nature but rather total meaninglessness, that there is no human archetype, unlike animals whose nature, or essence, is merely based on the development and fulfilment of their functions, but most importantly that what truly distinguishes humans from other organisms, overriding rationality, is merely the fact that humans are free. 314 palabras más

Non Classé

Catland Open Gallery June 3-5

The weekend of June 3 -5 will be a busy one. I’ll be participating in two events. Here’s the first one.

One June 3rd & 5th, I will be exhibiting three pieces from my 2012 Prometheus series at this group artshow. 111 palabras más


Very Short Story Prompt (update 7)

(Prometheus – Image. Unknown artist  from Public Domain)

Don’t search just know.

Don’t be just become.

It is life that must be conquered, beyond reality and it’s dimensions. 68 palabras más

Short Story


here’s the song I wrote about Sagitta and the Hero’s Journey (Campbell/Jung).


meet me at the arrowhead trail head
tell me you love me and i’ll fall into your arms… 235 palabras más


Prometheus Soundtrack coming to vinyl in June

  • The Vinyl debut of the soundtrack of “Prometheus” By Marc Streitenfeld
  • Double Lp on 180 gram vinyl
  • Limited Edition
  • Mondo Edition
  • Features exclusive liner notes by composer Marc Streitenfeld…
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Review: "Prometheus" (Film)

Well, I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to see Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”, but I finally got round to watching it and I thought that I’d share some of my thoughts about it. 1.078 palabras más



Oh hi there little friends.  My tiny little angels.  How’s it going?  How was your long weekend?  Last week, some dope ass photos of the set of Alien:  Covenant… 2.166 palabras más

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