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Is Humanism Right for You?

Discovering Humanism was an important turning point in my voyage to atheism. If you’d like to understand why humanism is so appealing, both for myself and possibly for you, read on. 1.242 palabras más

Religion & Atheism

Prometheus (2012)

Rating: IMDb 7.0/10

Okay, first things first. Is it or is it not an Alien prequel? Yes, it is contained within the same universe and occurs prior (2093) to Scott’s transcendent B-movie and subsequent chest-aches. 49 palabras más


Monitoring Spring Boot Applications with Prometheus

This blog post will demonstrate how to use Prometheus to monitor a spring boot web application. Prometheus is an open source tool for monitoring systems by collecting metrics from target systems as time series data. 806 palabras más


no more titans (20160918)

i rest on my back
staring at a ceiling
scraped smooth
and white
by previous owners

the only thing tearing
at my liver
an eagle named… 77 palabras más



There’s no point in going into detail about just how great Alien was, and still is in the eyes of horror and sci-fi fans alike. With it’s stylistic direction, the feeling of loneliness in space, and the fear of the “perfect” being stalking it’s prey; it’s still pretty damn scary in it’s own right. 890 palabras más


Eclipse: Prometheus Rebound?

You can attempt to eclipse my radiant Solar self or pass the blanket of darkness in front of my milky-gilt Lunar side, but you will never extinguish my light because all… 99 palabras más

Daily Prompt


The new pics from Arrow showed one of the upcoming season’s recurring bad guys, and he’ll be quite a pain in the back if he only slightly resembles his comicbook counterpart: … 1.198 palabras más