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The Latest Pair Of 'Alien: Covenant' Teasers Continue To Show Fox's Indifference To Spoilers

WARNING: More spoilers for Alien: Covenant below. Read at your own risk or better yet, create your own Alien film and release spoilers for it. Could be fun. 571 palabras más


New ‘Alien: Covenant’ Images Include a Nasty Neomorph Chowing Down!!! Check It Out!!

Oh (alien) baby, some new images from Ridley Scott‘s Alien: Covenant have burst forth online and boy are they teasing some interesting things. We’re now less than a month from the film’s international rollout and opening date in the U.S., so hopefully we can keep from being completely spoiled before then, but fair warning, these images do show some potential spoilers; folks who’d rather go in completely cold should probably avoid them. 746 palabras más


Macedonia's PROMETHEUS premieres new single "The Disgusting Tongues"

Macedonia’s black / death metallers PROMETHEUS have just premiered a new song titled “The Disgusting Tongues”.

The new single, which is the opening track of the band’s upcoming debut album “Consumed In Flames”, is available below or at this location… 17 palabras más


Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Bankrolled Mad Max: Fury Road

It still gives me a jolt each time I see Steve Mnuchin in the credits of a movie, as in Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. It’s particularly startling at the end of… 205 palabras más

Money Money

Just watched Prometheus

Just watched Prometheus. The film was good, and is set in December 2093. By that year, my boyfriend would be 100 years old and I would be 96 years old. 63 palabras más



The blaze, the blast, the smoke

of a humanity numbed by dark.

The fire, the flame, the ash

of a hearth once warm, now burn. 15 palabras más