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Watch Saturn's Moons Race Inside the Rings

Round and round they go… the animation above, made from 14 raw images taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft on August 23, 2016, shows the moons Prometheus and Atlas orbiting Saturn within the Roche Division gap between its A (top right) and F (center) rings. 143 palabras más


The Lost Art of Showing, Not Telling (Part 2 of 2)

Oh, hello again, Dear Friend! So today I’d like to focus on a more personal example of this idea and the way it relates to one specific film: … 915 palabras más

Anime, 132 Lisa Mannetti

Horror Addicts Episode# 132
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


lisa mannetti, jill tracy, prometheus, wisconsin horror

Find all articles and interviews at: … 293 palabras más


The Flame-Burning Bright

The Olympic flame is the symbol of Olympic games commemorating the Greek Titan, Prometheus. In Greek mythology, it is believed that Prometheus, the creator of mankind stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to us. 985 palabras más


Comic Review: 'Prometheus #3'

Life and Death: Prometheus #3 is out today from Dark Horse Comics. While there isn’t a ton of action in this issue, it does move the story forward. 13 palabras más

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Who is Satan?

I was reading an article on a Humanist website about the defiance of god, and in this article, satan was compared to Prometheus, a beloved character in Greek mythology. 856 palabras más

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