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Sophistry, the Sophists and modern medical education. Medical Teacher Volume 32, Issue 1, 2010. Part 2.


One of the direct ways in which the Sophists are relevant to today is that they were the first to put a monetary value on education; they were the first professional educators. 2.397 palabras más


Protagoras of Abdera, Agnostic and Behavioral Economist? (Philostratus, Vita Sophist. 495-6)

“Protagoras of Abdera, the sophist, was also a follower of Democritus at home; and he spent time among the Persian magi as well when Xerxes invaded Greece. 262 palabras más


Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan (Review)

Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space, (New York: Ballantine Books, 1994).

Pale Blue Dot was published in 1994, four years after Carl Sagan convinced NASA to turn the… 1.693 palabras más


Philosophy With Argument

Some claim that the philosophy is just the practice of making and assessing arguments. I deny this claim, as evidenced in my earlier post, “Philosophy Without Argument.” Nonetheless, argumentation is an important, probably essential, component of philosophy. 1.817 palabras más


#72. Protagoras by Plato (Catharina)

This book is a dialogue between the elderly sophist Protagoras and Socrates is considered a condemnation by Plato of sophists. Sophists were a specialist teacher in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. 289 palabras más


Protagoras by Plato (trans. Stanley Lombardo and Karen Bell)

“While the power of appearance often makes us wander all over the place in confusion, often changing our minds about the same things and regretting our actions and choices with respect to things large and small, the art of measurement in contrast, would make the appearances lose their power by showing us the truth, would give us peace of mind firmly rooted in the truth and would save our life” – …

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Waits, measures, and standards

Who are we to judge? Well, without us (or some other sentient species) the concept would be meaningless, right? Humanity is the source of all meaning (being that there are no gods and the universe is not conscious), and thus the only source for any judgment, criticism, or any analysis at all about anything, right? 1.228 palabras más

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