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Extrapolating Protagoras' Man-the-Measure Doctrine


In the spirit of my Extrapolating Plato’s Definition of Being, in which I took a short passage from Plato and extrapolated it beyond its originally intended scope, I would like to take a famous line from Protagoras and also extrapolate this beyond its originally intended scope. 879 palabras más

Strictly Theoretical

Man, the Measure of his Great Folly

The common human belief is that human intelligence is the nonpareil of the animal world, a fact that is demonstrated by our clear superiority over all other living creatures. 1.414 palabras más

Act III: The Glorious Miracle Of Life

Rod and Bill by Stick Insect

We start, of course, by attempting to anagram Rod and Bill but that gets us nowhere, except to comment that they are short forms of men’s names. 716 palabras más

Solving Blogs

Protagoras and Meno

By: Plato

Original Language: Ancient Greek

Status: unread

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Une toute petit tache sur la tranche. le reste comme neuf. prix en conséquence

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