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Protagoras and Meno

By: Plato

Original Language: Ancient Greek

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When maths only scratch the surface

Against the general mainstream, Sir Roger Penrose does not believe that artificial intelligence is possible in the near future, in his opinion, consciousness is a non-computational process that is beyond the current state of physics. 1.033 palabras más

Virtue in Plato's 'Protagoras'

In Plato’s Protagoras, Socrates and Protagoras discuss whether or not virtue, or “the ability to live the best possible life” (Taylor, Introduction), can be taught. 1.323 palabras más


Two sides

“There are two sides to every question.” Protagoras


An Argument For Theaetetus' Claim: Knowledge Is Perception

Socrates’ claim that “things such as size or warmth or whiteness belong neither to the object we measure ourselves against of touch or to we who are doing the measuring or touching” (154b) is a result of taking Heraclitean and Protagorean ideas to their logical extremes. 1.213 palabras más



The name of is group of rhetorical scholars stems from sophistai, meaning “one who possesses wisdom.” They endeavored to show that there was no such thing as certainty, that knowledge was epistemic. 57 palabras más

Classical Rhetoric