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Waits, measures, and standards

Who are we to judge? Well, without us (or some other sentient species) the concept would be meaningless, right? Humanity is the source of all meaning (being that there are no gods and the universe is not conscious), and thus the only source for any judgment, criticism, or any analysis at all about anything, right? 1.228 palabras más

Culture And Society

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
Easter 14

Philosophy, our topic for this series of conversations, is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “Knowledge, learning, scholarship; a body of knowledge; spec. 932 palabras más

Man is the measure of all things [Protagoras]

I often see this quote interpreted as man being the measurer of all things – which contains a truth in it of course if we extend it more broadly to humans and sentient beings in general but I don’t think that’s the most interesting reading. 225 palabras más



In Plato Protagoras seems to be a pompous but likeable old chap who’s dined out on his cleverness for many years. In both Protagoras and… 174 palabras más


Michael Oakeshott, Critical Theorist

Michael Oakeshott is often cast as the representative conservative philosopher. I think this is a mistake, one I blame on Oakeshott himself. Taking Oakeshott and his admirers at their word, Jason took a look at Oakeshott’s version of conservatism and came away wondering… 2.240 palabras más


Tienes a Jesús o te vale.

          Y esa es la vida eterna, que te conozcan a ti el único Dios verdadero y a Jesucristo a quien has enviado. Juan 17:3

Disfruto mucho conocer gente nueva, recuerdo un viaje que tuve el año pasado, conocí a un pakistaní cuyos padres radicaban en su país de origen, sin embargo él había estado viviendo en América; iniciamos la plática y conversamos hasta que llegó el momento de abordar. 791 palabras más


Protagoras dan Gandhi

Manusia adalah ukuran dari segala sesuatu.

Itulah salah satu manifestasi kata dari seorang filsuf Yunani Protagoras (485-410 SM). Yang dimaksud oleh Protagoras sendiri dalam kalimatnya tersebut adalah bahwa masalah apakah sesuatu itu benar atau salah, baik atau buruk, harus selalu dipertimbangkan dalam kaitannya dengan kebutuhan seseorang. 396 palabras más