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The Tyranny of a Lie

In my previous post, I mentioned the mythology of the disenfranchised and undereducated, poor and white, and usually male voter that has propelled the Trump candidacy to the current American nightmare where Mr. 567 palabras más

Man is the measure of all things

The thrill from making my own Parthenon kind of dwindled the more I was looking at it. Model was kind of weird and not closely as perfect as original building. 321 palabras más

Secret Place Of My Own

What I understand of Protagoras

Protagoras offered his services for getting the monetary charm in return, (perhaps, like a paid content writer or whatever) but he preferred speaking and using language effectively (being a typical Sophist). 259 palabras más

Le Café Philo

At some point in time, we seek to understand fundamental truths about ourselves, the world in which we live, and our relationships to the world and to each other.   418 palabras más

Musings & Personal

Lying on behalf of the truth?

In the Protagoras Plato directly lets us know that Socrates is very much aware and in control of his style and its effect on his partners in dialogue, for example: 649 palabras más


Protagoras, I just don't think that virtue can be taught

Together with Protagoras and Socrates we are trying to figure out whether or not excellence or virtue (arete) is learnable and teachable.  As a class we seem to have been persuaded, along with Protagoras, by what Socrates describes in the the 4+1 section of the dialogue (349a5-360e5), namely that there is such a technique that deals with the right choice of pleasures and pains, i.e. 147 palabras más

Andreia, Courage

There are two sides to every question. – Protagoras