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PRC (9): Experiential Preaching Resources

In connection with what I posted earlier, these lectures by Joel Beeke on Experiential Preaching are really beneficial and I would highly recommend them. He defines the issues well and really distinguishes how a sermon can be good expositionally, but be lacking experientially. 50 palabras más

Protestant Reformed Churches Of America

PRC (8): The Need for Experiential Preaching

A disadvantage to writing a series of posts and publishing each individual post as you write it is that after you have argued something, you later find a better way to express it. 1.462 palabras más

Protestant Reformed Churches Of America

I’m currently reading through Thomas Brooks book Heaven on Earth as discussed in my last post on the PRC: “PRC (7); Puritans, Assurance, and Preaching” and came across this pertinent quote on the issue of Arminians and assurance.

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Protestant Reformed Churches Of America

PRC (6): Discriminatory Preaching

There is not a sermon which is heard, but it sets us nearer heaven or hell – John Preston

Discriminatory Preaching

Should the preaching on occasion cause members of the congregation to doubt their salvation?

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PRC (5): Some Suggestions Regarding Evangelism:

In recent blog posts I have criticized the evangelism methods of the PRC. I wish to offer some helpful suggestions on how these methods can be improved in this article. 2.335 palabras más


PRC (4): Preaching and Covenant Children

Preaching and Covenant Children

One of my concerns with Protestant Reformed preaching relates to how the children of believers are treated in the preaching and this ultimately respects how the issue of the covenant is treated in the PRC. 1.912 palabras más


Why I left the Protestant Reformed Church (3)

If you read my first blog post on this subject, I also humbly ask you to read this one. I wish to be abundantly clear in what I say, lest I bear false witness against the PRC in any of these blog posts. 1.283 palabras más

Protestant Reformed Churches Of America