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How to setup a proxy access in Oracle HCM Cloud

There is an extreme need to enable a proxy access for HR specialists, Line Managers to be able to act on behalf of employees to troubleshoot issues in performance module and other modules. 281 palabras más

Oracle HCM Cloud

Mixed Feelings

As I write this, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (i.e., the stock market) has tumbled almost 700 points today.

I’m retired, so other than the relative pittance I get from my Social Security retirement payments, most of my retirement income comes from the 401(k) retirement plans I contributed to during my working years. 373 palabras más


NGINX as proxy and headers

I made a personal discovery lately in my day to day job.

If you’re using NGINX as a proxy in front of your services, you should take care to know that, by default, NGINX is considering any header with a name containing underscore as invalid. 40 palabras más


Situs Agen Domino Terkena Internet Positif? Ini Solusinya!

Situs Agen Domino Terkena Internet Positif? Ini Solusinya!

Internet positif merupakan satu buah halaman landing laman yg dibuat oleh ISP pada memblokade website – web negatif. 627 palabras más

Agen Domino

New life of old socks

I have just revived, updated and fixed macOS port of an amazing, yet abandoned transparent SOCKS proxy library. Don’t lose socks, guys :)

tsocks provides transparent network access through a SOCKS proxy.

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SEC Investor Advocate Talks Investor Issues for 2019

Good afternoon. I hope you are enjoying this year’s edition of SEC Speaks, which gives the public a good overview of all the work that is going on at the Commission. 2.734 palabras más

Securities Regulation

List Sharing

I’m told that communication from BLUE to sub-unit holders has occured. Any calls from WHITE yet?

The last we heard about the sharing of the non-objecting beneficial owners list was in… 769 palabras más