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The Sick Practice Of 'Bride Kidnapping' That Still Exists (Warning: Disturbing)

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Imagine being abducted and forced to marry a stranger. 3.799 palabras más


Cara Instalasi Domain Name Server (DNS)

1. Langkah Pertama, dalam membuat DNS. Kita install terlebih dahulu bind9 dengan menggunakan perintah ” apt-get install bind9 “. Lalu enter

2. Selanjutnya, ketikkan Y untuk melanjutkan.  1.648 palabras más


Proxy over SSH on Windows, Mac or Linux

You can do a lot of things with SSH besides working securely remote on machines. I’ve already covered at another article how to tunnel (port forwarding) through SSH… 926 palabras más


Langkah-Langkah Menginstall Proxy Server Pada Debian 7

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

PROXY Server berfungsi untuk menyimpan halaman-halaman website yang pernah kita kunjungi. Namun disini Proxy Server digunakan untuk memblock website.

Oke, sekarang saya akan menjelaskan cara menginstall Proxy Server pada Debian 7, berikut langkah-langkahnya… 172 palabras más


2017 Annual Meeting Governors Village POA, November 28, 2017

Important materials have been distributed to Governors Village property owners regarding the upcoming 2017 Annual Meeting and other announcements. Documents are attached below.

Please note our management company Tallis Management changed its name to Towne Properties Raleigh District effective October 1, 2017. 299 palabras más

Gv POA Business

Proxy by Alex London

“Only humans could stand in for one another. They all began as equals, but a contract, like a confession, changed their relationship. One became debtor, one became creditor… A goat would always be a goat, but humans could change how they defined one another and how they defined themselves. 966 palabras más


Second Round

Second posting from the Reel East Texas Film Festival. Watched four more films. Proxy, New York 2151, Radial (from Spain) and The Whole… 92 palabras más

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