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Liam Hemsworth And Christoph Waltz Play The 'Most Dangerous Game'

Liam Hemsworth is about to discover the most dangerous game is man.

In a new adaptation of the 1924 short story by Richard Connell, Hemsworth is a terminally ill man who accepts an offer to participate in a deadly hunting game orchestrated by a wealthy businessman (Christoph Waltz) in which he is the prey. 83 palabras más


Online: Entrenamiento para la prueba única y el acceso a la educación superior

El equipo de Login, con su amplia experiencia en procesos educativos flexibles, sin escuela, y online; pone al disposición de adolescentes, jóvenes y adultos en Colombia, este servicio. 98 palabras más

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Steve Kerr says he's watching tape on LaMelo Ball, 2020 NBA Draft prospects

Steve Kerr has spent much of his coaching career with the Golden State Warriors making NBA Finals and winning titles. What he hasn’t had to do much of in recent years was scouting upcoming NBA Draft prospects, both due to lack of time and the Warriors rarely finding themselves near the top half of the draft, let alone the top spot. 256 palabras más

LaMelo Ball

Buccaneers, Chargers odds-on favorites to sign Tom Brady

Future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady announced Tuesday morning he won’t be returning to the New England Patriots after 20 seasons. This means the 42-year-old, six-time Super Bowl winner will be testing the NFL free-agent waters for the first time before he suits up in 2020. 406 palabras más


Liam Hemsworth Stars In Drug-Trafficking Drama 'Arkansas'

Clark Duke is best known for his comedic roles in “Hot Tub Time Machine” and “The Office”, but he’s showing off a whole new side in his directorial debut, an intrigue-filled crime drama set in the world of drug trafficking. 205 palabras más


Jared Leto Pals Around With Jake Gyllenhaal And Liam Hemsworth — And A Game Of Twister May Have Been Involved

Jared Leto has been hanging out with some celebrity pals — and a game of Twister may or may have been involved.

On Tuesday, the “Dallas Buyers Club” Oscar winner took to Twitter to share a photo of himself, decked out in an orange toque, hanging with a group of friends — two of whom happen to be fellow actors Liam Hemsworth and Jake Gyllenhaal. 157 palabras más