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Marvel Ultimate Alliance

I’ve previously posted an entry on X-Men Legends, which is an excellent action RPG based on the Marvel property. That game was developed by one of my favorite developers Raven Software. 375 palabras más


Solo Review- Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


     Nuclear Weapons. Giant Mechs. Hideo Kojima. If you were to sum up any game in the Metal Gear Solid (MGS) franchise I’m pretty sure almost all of those words would come up, especially Hideo for being the deranged creator that he is known to be. 2.761 palabras más

Gaming Avenue

Ratchet & Clank

(spoiler free)

There are very few video game to film adaptations that I can wholly comment on, this is due to the fact that I’m really not a gamer. 581 palabras más

Cinema Screenings

The Best Parts of Tekken Games

The Tekken series are some of the best and most famous fighting games in existence and this isn’t only due to the fact that they have a long history behind them. 1.018 palabras más

Video Games

REVIEW: Kingdom Hearts


Its a common trend that video games that feature movie or cartoon characters turn out to be poor quality, typically due to a rushed development window and because the dev studio has to spend a sizable chunk of their budget solely on acquiring the rights to the character(s). 732 palabras más

Did You Know Gaming Metal Gear Solid 3

Did you know gaming is taking a look at Metal Gear Solid 3. The see the revenge for MGS 2 as well other tide bits that made Kojima hands with the game he wanted to hand to someone else to direct. 35 palabras más


104KEY PS2 Keyboard Lt Gray with L-shaped Enter Key

The E05305P4 keyboard is a great high volume keyboard. The soft touch key feel offers users a tactile response and makes typing a breeze. This keyboard performs comparably to a full size keyboard and is a perfect replacement for users who want to conserve desktop space.The E05305P4 keyboard meets the European Union RoHS initiatives. 19 palabras más