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Did You Know Gaming Ape Escape

Did You Know Gaming is taking a look at those crazy little apes from Ape Escape. What did they find out ask? First to use dualshock controller only after seeing controllers in action. 44 palabras más


Review: Zone of the Enders HD

Zone of the Enders is embarrassingly short, repetitive, packed with piss-poor weapons and has a plot that makes no sense. Yet somehow I found myself quite enjoying it. 654 palabras más

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Pi with PS2/PS3/XBox/Generic Keypads

For a lot of Pi projects it’s nice to have some kind of handheld controller.

Our goal was to create a simple Meccano crane that we could control with one of the game controllers that we had around the house. 702 palabras más

Top 5 PlayStation 2 Games

The PlayStation 2 was the best selling home console of all time, so with that came the added pressure of developers releasing the finest line-up of games I’ve ever seen. 687 palabras más

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From the Archives: Layers Upon Layers

One interesting contrast between Western and Eastern role-playing games is the way they each handle their core “rulesets.”

Western RPGs tend to follow a model that is somewhat closer to tabletop role-playing, whereby all the rules are set out clearly in front of you from the outset. 1.463 palabras más

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Memories-Stuntman Ignition

I still remember the first time I ever heard about this game. I was watching Naruto on Toonami and all of the sudden during the commercial Tom comes on talking about this game and how awesome it was. 351 palabras más

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Frequently Asked Video Game Questions - Is Bully on the PS4 as good as Bully on the PS2?

Submitted by Anonymous – Is Bully on the PS4 as good as Bully on the PS2?

This is a pretty simple question to answer because the Bully that you get on PS4 is the exact same Bully that you get on the PS2. 205 palabras más