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Novidades 03/2015

Mais um mês que se passou… dass o tempo passa depressa!

As novas entradas na coleção são na maioria de Master System. Muitos dos títulos vieram do UK, fruto de umas trocas com o 284 palabras más


Music Monday: Classic RPG Soundtracks -- PS2

A new month means a new edition of our updated ‘Music Monday‘ series. With the help of our awesome Another Castle readers, February’s Korean Indie… 122 palabras más

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Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - PS2, NDS

By a show of hands, how many of you played with Legos? I did. I had birthdays where I wouldn’t get anything except Legos. I’d combine base plates with a friend of mine and we’d construct entire cities of little plastic bricks. 1.395 palabras más


Top 5 Favorite PS2 Games

The second “It should be considered a weapon” console Sony released way back in the magical land of 2000 my favorite video game console released in glorious Nippon. 1.671 palabras más

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Kenny's Top 10 Games - No.10

Over the past few weeks I’ve had time to reflect on the game’s I’ve played that made an impact on my life. So I decided I would share my Top 10 favorite games with you. 285 palabras más


Would You Pay $100 for This Game?

In my Gaming Backlog, there is a game called, .Hack//Infection. It’s one game out of a 4-part series. That means, there are four, separate games that I need to play in order to get the complete story. 389 palabras más

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Halloween Town

Next I find myself watching a different Jack. Jack Skellington, as snow pulls him into Christmas Town. Gosh I love this world. Sora and the gang are back in their old costumes. 540 palabras más