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PlayStation 2 emulation comes to PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 2 isn’t just Sony’s best-selling games console. It’s still the best-selling console ever.

Now, it’s finally possible to play PS2 games on the current PlayStation 4 – in theory and, in three instances, in practise as well. 354 palabras más

Daily News

PS4 Is Two Months Ahead Of PS2 Sales

By Simon Parker

Sony’s news this morning that the PS4 had passed 30.2M units sold to consumers is pretty impressive. To truly understand why its a significant feat, we have to look back on Sony’s PS2. 294 palabras más

No way but up: PS4 sales hit 30 million

It has been almost two years since the next-generation (or rather the current generation) consoles were released into the wild, and ever since then, the PS4 has been dominating the sales charts at an almost unprecedented rates. 115 palabras más

Company Announcement

PS2 Emulation And PSX 2015 Speculation

For two years now I’ve been talking about the possibility of Sony bringing original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games to the PS4 through software emulation… 470 palabras más


Sony Confirms PS2 Emulation Is Coming to PlayStation 4

Sony has confirmed that it is working to bring PlayStation 2 emulation to the PlayStation 4.

“We are working on utilizing PS2 emulation technology to bring PS2 games forward to the current generation,” a Sony representative told… 205 palabras más


PS2 Games Could Soon Be Playable On PS4

With Microsoft recently introducing the feature to the Xbox One, backwards compatibility is once again a hot topic surrounding the current generation of consoles. 664 palabras más


Star Trek: Shattered Universe - Review

Today’s review is about the 2004 released Star Trek: Shattered Universe. This game was an interesting change up from the previous game I played (see my  898 palabras más

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