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Thrifting Through Space

Every now and then I get a feeling like I should hit up the local thrift joint. Today that feeling paid off.

The Atari Flashback 6 is sealed and only cost me $10. 57 palabras más

In Person Pick Ups

Onimusha Revival Talk

Onimusha was a series where your the player played as a samurai and used powerful weapons to vanquish demons as they take over Japan. The last entry was a back but we are hearing that their is talk to bring the sword wielding series back. 176 palabras más


Lite Playstation-nostalgi här!!

Drar igång Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy innan Mellon drar igång!!

Sött, roligt och mysigt spel!
Mina barn kommer få spela detta helt klart!


Lost gaming gem: The warriors

Talking of lost gaming gems, you must pay a visit to Rockstar’s iteration of Coney Island, courtesy of the 1979 cult classic; The Warriors. This title was released back in October 2005 on the masterful PlayStation 2. 303 palabras más

Lost Gaming Gem

Lost gaming gem: Beyond Good & Evil

Ubisoft’s forgotten arse-kicking female protagonist 

A good adventure game has to have certain elements: exploration rewards, believable and captivating characters, awesome combat mechanics and beautiful environments. 486 palabras más

Lost Gaming Gem

RIP Dave Mirra, Suburban Teenage Icon

From TMZ Sports

BMX bike legend Dave Mirra — who once had the record for the most X Games medals — has died of an apparent suicide … TMZ Sports has learned. 328 palabras más

Weird Video Wednesday: WTF moments with Forbidden Siren 2 (PS2)

It was obvious from the off that something wasn’t quite right with this girl. You play as the guy helping her, and when you find her she’s stumbling about in the dark with zombies everywhere, a little bit too concerned about finding her mother as opposed to her own survival. 176 palabras más

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