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Revisiting Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Kojima has always been rather shaky on just when exactly the Metal Gear series would end. At different points in his career, nearly every game has been conceived at some point as the last. 1.626 palabras más

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PS2 Survival Horror picks #1

Ever played a horror game and your mind is like “WTF is going on ?”

I’m pretty sure you can name plenty of those so I had to pick few of this “kind” of games with -ahem- unique twists in them and state my opinion. 230 palabras más


Persona 3 Winter Of Rebirth

Okay fans of Persona we are here as we get info on Persona 3 Winter Of Rebirth. The Persona films have been following the game storyline closely and now we are at the end as the poster shows us that it is time to have the big fight at the top of Tartars. 291 palabras más


Game Payload #3

What could be more thrilling than roller-coasters meets bad English speaking ninja warriors like kind of dudes? If you said nothing then you clearly have not seen the 80’s Robocop movie. 145 palabras más

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Adventures in Game Collecting: Starting Over with the PS2

The PlayStation 2 is my favorite console to date. I logged so many hours into my first PS2 that the poor laser in the disc drive would not recognize anything by the end of it’s lifetime. 544 palabras más


Persona 4 Dance All Night Jamming with Nanko & Margret

Persona 4 Dancing All Night has the putting on their dancing shoes and just Arena it expands beyond the character you get to the play with as we see Nanko and Margret get their own videos. 190 palabras más