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AT to XT Keyboard Adapter

If you got an old PC/XT stored somewhere in basement and want to use a newer keyboard, here’s a little project you might like. built an… 186 palabras más


Is Resident Evil 7 a Soft Reboot?

Is Resident Evil 7 going to be a true successor to the original horror series that began its’ tale on the original Sony PlayStation, or is this a soft reboot? 751 palabras más

Video Game

Best 25 Playstation 2 games of all time

​At the turn of the century, the PlayStation 2 was the console to own. Not only did it dominate its competitors, outselling some of them into oblivion (RIP Dreamcast), the system continued to be a successful money maker for Sony until it was discontinued in 2012. 3.835 palabras más

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Starter weapons and you!

As a new player in PlanetSide 2 you might come under the belief that your starter weapons aren’t cutting it and that you’re due for an upgrade. 3.129 palabras más


Lost Gaming Gem: Road Trip Adventure

I think we all have that one game which we love regardless of its faults. If I’m brutally honest the game I am going to be discussing today is not mechanically strong at all. 516 palabras más

Lost Gaming Gem

Hossin, a colorful problem plaguing a bleak continent.

Hossin, so often praised and yet so rarely fought over. Why is this one might ask? Well I too ask this and think I have a partial answer, the color palette. 1.160 palabras más