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Review - Digimon World Data Squad

Publisher: Bandai Namco
Genre: Turn-Based RPG
Platform: PlayStation 2
Release Date: September 18th, 2007


Based on the Digimon Savers/Digimon Data Squad anime series, we follow Marcus Daimon and his Agumon on a mission to stop a rogue Digimon. 1.194 palabras más

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A queda do herói em Shadow of the Colossus

A experiência específica do jogo é a da narrativa vivenciável, explorável, na primeira-pessoa, é uma narrativa intrinsecamente ligada à agência, que por sua vez, ganha sentido pela narrativização. 1.132 palabras más


Games I Cheated In

Again, not one of my best confessions but yes I did cheat in few games. Back in PS1 glory days, there were special cheating disks such as GameShark and Action Replay, I could lie and say I tried them for the sake of testing how they work but I did use them to progress in few games. 345 palabras más


Did You Know Gaming Sponge Bob

Did you Know Gaming looks at the oddest thing that happens to a video game and can make interesting. This even goes for Sponge Bob. These guys find interesting things on all of the other topics so it will be nice if not interesting to see what they find on this. 27 palabras más


Hidden Invasion Stats and Records

No such luck folks. There were no stats to be found here.

Game Records

Gemhunter Live #6 – Portal Runner

In the first ever live episode of Gemhunter I took on 3DO’s PlayStation 2 platformer Portal Runner, a game boldly featuring a ‘97%’ sticker on its box. 89 palabras más

Chris Scullion

Games I Never Finished

I’ve been putting off this post for awhile because it makes me feel like a failure in gaming. I’ve played a lot of games and I could say over 200 so far on various platforms so I wouldn’t consider myself just a pc or console gamer, I’m everything gamer. 498 palabras más