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Psychonauts Review

Platforms: PS2, Xbox, PC
Genre: Platformer
Release date: April 19th 2005 for Windows and Xbox (US release date), June 21st 2005 for Playstation 2 (US release date.)
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Video Game

Frogger 35th Anniversary

Today marks Frogger’s 35th Anniversary. It premiered on October 23, 1981 in American arcades and earlier that year for Japan. This green frog is one of the pillars of video game history even though he hasn’t had a great track record past his first few entries. 24 palabras más


Happy 15th Grand Theft Auto III

Now, when you think of GTA, you think of giant sprawling maps, prostitutes, and violence. That all started in GTA III which was released on October 22nd, 2001. 102 palabras más

Rockstar Games

It's Thrifty

A small thrift store haul, for a total of $10. That’s worth it for the Marvel games alone.

General Finds

Transformers (PS2) (The Armada one) review

Hi. my name’s Rad and I wanna tell you about the Traaaansformers! No, it’s not okay if you don’t want to hear it! You are going to hear about the  1.148 palabras más


Two Crimson Butterflies

Halloween! Horror! Hauntings! Ghosts? Darn, I broke my streak. While I’m busy with a project of my own (notthing thhat hasn’t been done before, I’m afraid, but you still need to give back to the gaming community once in a while), I thought this would be a good chance to revisit Project Zero 2, or Fatal Frame 2, as they know it on the other side of the world. 412 palabras más