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On This Date...

On this date, August 14, 1720 Don Pedro de Villasur and his expedition of Spaniards, Apache, and Pueblo allies are ambushed and routed by Pawnee and Otoe warriors in what is now modern Nebraska…Villasur mission was an attempt to gauge French strength in the Mississippi valley…The image is a buffalo hide tapestry of the event from the Pawnee…

From the Fort (Collins) to the Port (Aransas)

Yes, we may be crazy, but after we left Fort Collins, we headed south in the summer heat. We wanted to be back in Port Aransas September 1, so we reserved camping with water available in the form of pools, swimming holes, lakes and rivers. 60 palabras más

Jack's Newsletter July 29, 2019

Hello out there!

I don’t know where you live, but it’s hot here in Fort Worth, Texas. The weather affects us all, if only to avoid it by staying indoors under air conditioning. 323 palabras más

Northern New Mexico

something to look forward to

The tomato plants I put in pots rather later than intended this year seem to be growing reasonably well. They are tall and leafy, although bushier than they should be, as I missed a few side shoots. 589 palabras más

Writing And Writers

Biking across USA for ME/cfs

Bertus Geertsema is riding the 4233 mile Transamerica Bicycle Trail from Astoria, OR to Yorktown,VA to raise awareness and research funding for ME/cfs (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome). 347 palabras más


A Guide to Salinas Pueblo National Monument

Mountainair, New Mexico is really on the map for two reasons – the Sunflower Festival, which is an annual event in late August, and the… 702 palabras más

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