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Back in Puerto...

Armuelles, that is. There’s even Texas tea, floating around in tankers off the coast. Haven’t spotted Ellie Mae yet, though I have no doubt she and her kin would feel right at home among the easy hospitality of owners, … 743 palabras más


A Stay at the Tsunami Inn, Puerto Armuelles, Panama

This is my view as I sit here typing what is allegedly my much-anticipated next blog post. I’m watching the gray Pacific lap gently onto a beach of charcoal ash-colored sand. 558 palabras más

Chiriquí Province

Show Me Your Papers Please

Exiting Puerto Armuelles, we were stopped by a sargento de la policia. He was standing without a vehicle on a tiny side road somewhere between leaving the inn and finding the main artery out of town that would lead us to the Pan-Am highway. 1.459 palabras más


Puerto Armuelles - More Than Meets The Eye

Puerto is to Quepos what Marathon is to Key West. It’s the feeder town to the real destination, if your destination includes carnival and festivity. If you consider the destination to be about a simple life truly devoted to the bounties of the sea, that doesn’t require riches or constant revelry, that focuses on catching and eating fish and being part of a small town community, then Marathon and Puerto… 1.772 palabras más