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Training Life

Well, it has been a long few weeks to start my time here in Panama.  My next blog post will discuss the idea of adjustment, which let’s just say we all know can be difficult at times.   358 palabras más

Hitting the Ground Running

Finalmente, estoy en PANAMÁ!  Sorry I have not been able to post yet, but I have literally been busy constantly during staging and the first few days here in Panama.   285 palabras más

Puerto Armuelles - a Day Trip

Yesterday we decided to explore Puerto Armuelles. It took us slightly over an hour to get there from David. We went to Paso Canoas on the Panama – Costa Rica border and then south, on good roads all the way. 908 palabras más


Unto the mountains we shall go

Ok so I have to start this weeks post with a great big apology for being a day late! Sorry guys but I promise I have a good reason … We’ve been traveling this weekend :-) 2.974 palabras más


Hola Amiga’s!

We are back with yet another exciting update on our adventures.
Well I don’t know if you will find it exciting cause you aren’t here discovering all this stuff with us, but it’s marvelous to us … :-) 1.362 palabras más

An interesting few days

I know we said we probably would only update this on Sunday’s but we’ve had so much going on that when we wait to update we can’t remember everything!! 1.352 palabras más

Waterfront Park Is Revitalized

tire art and more
Short History of Park The park is particularly special to Alberto. Not only was he was instrumental in the getting the park and the sea wall built about 15 years ago. 86 palabras más